Saturday, June 15, 2024

Lewis Ambrose - Page 7

Lifelong Arsenal fan in exile who spends too much time on Twitter and rewatching games.
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Tactics column: So Nacho

As the season started and the transfer window closed, some thought Arsenal were a bit light at centre-back. Admittedly, those people still thought Nacho Monreal...

Tactics column: A tale of two systems

A week ago this piece would have looked very different. A week ago, Arsenal had just beaten Cologne after switching to a back four at...

Tactics Column: Xhaka and Arsenal’s separate flaws a recipe for disaster

We have a week of distance from that debacle at Anfield, the melee of the transfer window is slowly beginning to fade into the distance...

Tactics Column: The tactical season preview

You might have seen via Twitter that Anam (@ArsenalColumn) has retired from the Tactics Column. A big thanks to him for all his contributions down...



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