Sunday, June 16, 2024

Arses terms and conditions

The Arses are a comment system designed to allow people to respond to daily posts and carry on various football, non-football chat.

Everyone is welcome to use the Arses but please note that by using the Arses you accept and agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • You and you alone are responsible for the comments you make. Arseblog takes no responsibility for any comments, especially those that are slanderous, libelous or otherwise offensive to anyone.
  • Your IP address is logged at all times and while Arseblog respects your privacy if it looks like we might get in the shit for something you said we’ll hand over your IP address and any other information that might get us out of trouble. We’ll sing like a fucking canary and no mistake.
  • You are expected to swear and curse and have a good time but if your sole intention is to piss off other Arsers we will ban you without warning. Fans of other clubs are also welcome but the same applies to you. If you want to talk about football then come on in. If you want to bitch or moan or nark about a decision in a game when we beat you or crow about something you did when you beat us then do us all a favour and fuck off. You won’t last long.
  • Impersonation of other Arsers will result in an immediate ban with no warning whatsoever. Be aware that your arseprint is a unique identifier.
  • Do not use racist language. Do not use the word ‘yid’ to talk about Sp*rs.
  • Feel free to offer spare tickets to other fans – however, under no circumstances is any ticket to be offered above face value. This is touting and you will be banned.
  • The language of the Arses is English. Proper English. Absolutely no text speak allowed. Nor LOLs, ROFLs etc. The following languages are prohibited: French, Francais, Le French.
  • Personal abuse/name calling is for infants. This blog is not for infants, it’s for 10-13 year olds. Grow up.
  • Use proper punctuation. You should not think that ellipsis are an acceptable form of breaking up your thoughts.
  • On Fridays please do not post spoilers about the Arsecast. Many people have to wait until after work to listen so please keep all comments as general and non-specific as possible.
  • Any original material produced on the Arses instantly becomes the copyright of Arseblog and may be used to pad out a ‘Best of Arseblog Christmas DVD’ or something.
  • Any pimping of your own website/blog will be deleted without comment. If you want to comment that’s fine, there’s space for you to leave your website address and people can click if they want, but posting stuff like ‘Check out my site for X Article about Z player’ will be removed.
  • Overuse of exclamation marks may result in you being banned with further notice.
  • You may not defend, in any way, shape or form, Chelsea Football Club, Ashley Cole or any of its players.
  • Do not use the word ‘rape’ to describe anything in football terms. That puts you on a level with Alan Pardew and that cunt would be banned if he ever came on here.
  • You may not use half-witted, shitbox acronyms like AKB or WOB to describe fellow Arsenal fans simply because their opinion differs from yours. . Similarly ‘Wengerites’ is another stupid, divisive phrase which may not be used.
  • Do not tell somebody to ‘go support someone else/Sp*rs/Chelsea/Man City’ etc, just because you disagree with their point of view. They wouldn’t be on here if they weren’t an Arsenal fan. Mostly.
  • There is to be no praise of Jose Mourinho, for anything. Even if he saved a puppy from drowning it would be because he’s decided to sacrifice the puppy later.
  • You may not link to the Daily Mail because it’s a noxious, lying scumrag that employs lying scumrags like Adrian Durham who continue to exist because people keep linking to them.
  • You may not say anything nice about Piers Morgan.

It’s not too difficult, is it?

If you would like further clarification on these T&C a 64 page booklet is available to download here.

To contact use this link.