Update: Comments are back as we work on the arses

As we continue to work on things behind the scenes – as outlined in this post from the other day – we’ve got comments back on the articles.

These are the default WordPress comments, so you leave a name/email and comment on the articles. It won’t be a pop-up like the arses, but it still allows us to have interaction and discussion on the posts. The comment form is below each article.

You can reply, subscribe to particular comments and replies, and that’s about it, but it does bring back a very important feature to the site. It’s a bit different but it’s a good solution until we get the arses back up and running.

Thanks for bearing with us, and welcome back ?


  1. That one must be worth at least a dozen arses.

    So many questions forgotten that I hardly know where to start Blogs, but welcome back (I guess? Am I saying that to myself? You haven’t gone anywhere).

    I made a bet with a friend that if we’re competing for the title come Jan (top 3 withing a reasonable points distance), both Ozil and Sanchez will stay. I’m starting to feel like I shouldn’t have taken that bet. Do you concur.

      • I think he was referring to staying through the January transfer window – not next summer. I don’t think anyone is expecting either of them to be here next season.

  2. Rumour mill item
    Read online today an article re Patrick Vieira saying that his contract ends in 2018 and he is interested in moving back to Europe.
    Anyone know a potential job for him (please)

  3. Hi All, thanks for getting things working again, Blogs. I’ve really missed the Arses. Will this new system feck up the lurker that is Bruce. I bet he’s Updated The Family Tree big time as he’s not been able to post Arses πŸ™‚


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