Arsecast Extra Episode 197 – 23.10.2017

Welcome to another Arsecast Extra, the Arsenal podcast, with myself and James from @gunnerblog.

On this week’s show enjoy the 5-2 demolition of Everton and the successful deployment of the AOL front three, Alexis, Ozil and Lacazette. They dialed-up with goals and assists, we look at the overall performance, a first win on the road, and the potential of that attacking trio before answering listener questions about Granit Xhaka’s ongoing issues, Jack Wilshere, Petr Cech, AGM questions, players arguing on the pitch, phallic forehead art and much, much more.

Remember, you can send us questions via which we’ll try and get to each week. Send them to either @arseblog or @Gunnerblog (or both) using the hashtag #arsecastextra. Best to send them Monday morning so they get noticed more easily.

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This Arsecast Extra was recorded with ipDTL


  1. Ronald Koeman is a cock. Ever since 1993 and he pulled back David Platt, wasn’t sent off and managed to get a free-kick instead of a penalty saw England fail to qualify for the W.C 1994 – I’m not an Arsenal fan, but I f*cking laughed so hard when I saw this result!

  2. Fantastic pod as always gentlemen. Thank you. Its great to get a good win under the belt and I am certainly enjoying the moment – particularly given United and Liverpool’s results. However, I’m slightly worried that you’re getting a bit carried away with a win against such a poor side. I’m sure you don’t need reminding that it is only one more premier league match until we meet City, followed by Spuds. The prospect brings me so much fear that I keep having to take my undies round to the local laundromat for a good scraping.


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