Arseblog in Australia at the Sports Writers Festival

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I wanted to just give this a bit of a push. I’m going to be in Australia from next week onwards, appearing at the Sports Writers Festival taking place in Melbourne and Sydney.

The Melbourne event is on October 28th and I’m in Sydney on November 4th. This is the info that’s on their site.

SESSIONS: Arseblog in Australia

SPEAKER: Andrew Mangan in conversation with Francis Leach


SESSION INFO: Can you turn your passion for your team into a career as a sports writer? Andrew Mangan has. Andrew Mangan is one of football’s most celebrated bloggers and podcasters. In 2002, he began writing about Arsenal at and he’s been doing it daily ever since. Andrew also created the Arsecast podcast in 2006, now one of the longest running sports podcasts anywhere in the world. Along the way, his website and podcasts have won a stack of awards and entertained a global audience of Arsenal fans. Andrew will talk about creating Arseblog and Arsecast, his passion for Arsenal, his thoughts on the future of football and fandom, and his enduring love for Robert Pires.

You can get more details and ticket info on the website.

Also, it’d be great to meet up with some Australian Gooners while down there, there are some games on, so hopefully we can have a beer even if you can’t make the events.


  1. Hmmm so late on a Saturday. A decision between this and a crazy dance party. That’s a tough one Andrew, as I’m a huge fan of your work! Are you sticking around for the 1AM kick off?

  2. Never mind all this guff about your global trotting Blogmeister, what we want are more pics of Archer. Like when you was adjusting the thingy earlier. Or start a blog about Archers exploits.


    Woke Blogs up by licking his feet, asked him to walk me. He ignored me. So I shat in his slippers. Ate food, went for a walk and chased squirrels. Slept, woke up, licked my arse then gave Blogs a good face lick, dumb guy enjoys it. If only he knew i’d just licked my bum hole.

    You get the drift. Maybe people would be less upset

  3. Mate, it’s early, but the Red Star return leg kicks off at 7.30 on the morning of Friday the 3rd. I’ve checked my calendar and I’m available.

  4. Have a goodly time in Melbourne. Wish I could come watch but I will be inter-state and not back til the 30th. Be sure to have a wander around the city laneways, watch some live music at the Corner Hotel or the Workers Club, and eat as much Italian food as you can!

        • Tippo 00 in Little Burke st for pasta – but MoVida , Hoisters Lane , for the best Spanish food ( sadly no Jamon ruffles )- couple of late night pubs ( not the casino )will hopefully be showing game , Swansea @ 1am – My Son and I will have missed the last train home by then so am expecting to be drinking with you at the bar while we wait for the 93rd minute equalizer

  5. Enjoy Oz, Blogs. I have been reading your marvellous blog for over 10 years now and hail from Sydney. However, I live in Bangkok now and would have loved to have attended the festival/had a beer with you. Hope you get to cruise Sydney Harbour, it’s the best in the world! 😉


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