Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Monday morning waffle

Right, another week begins with purpose, drive and vigour and it’s time to get right into the thick of things. Where shall we start? Ok, erm, there’s no news.

There’s no point me beating around the bush and trying to kid you. You’re all big and ugly enough to cope with the truth, straight off the bat. Unless you consider Arturo Lupoli’s move to Fiorentina news there’s nothing doing at all and we’ve known about this for months. I did quite like this though on the official site:

Arsenal supporters may have seen this transfer being announced in the media for some time. However, would like to reiterate that Arsenal Football Club only communicates transfers when they are completed.

Perhaps that’s a vague response to all the people with ants in their pants at the moment. It is worth remembering though. People who bemoan the silence at the club and take it to mean everyone’s sitting around in their underpants and eating watercress sandwiches should remember it has always been like that. The club has never responded to speculation about players coming in (although we did get a few ‘This story about me transferring to Real Madrid/Barcelona is an outrageous lie. I’ve hardly had any contact at all with them apart from a series of meetings over dinner – which was delicious, I must say – and I am fully committed to Arsenal FC‘ in recent seasons) and I don’t think they’re going to change now.

Is football’s most hideous cunt, Didier Drogba, writing us off for next season because we sold Thierry news? Perhaps it is. I quite like when people write us off, I have to say. I especially like when cunts like Drogba write us off because it makes things all the more enjoyable when we prove them wrong. Of course we’ll have a hard time proving them wrong unless we make SIGNINGS. Delicious, crunchy signings. No doubt the bleating will start again as the press go mad over United signing the English Flamini but I remain patient and clam. Or calm. I think.

You know who’d be good? That Drenthe fella that’s been playing for the Dutch U21s. Slap him on the left hand side and move Rosicky over to the right, bring in an Anelka or McCarthy or Martins up front (or someone) and possibly a central midfielder and we’re all set I reckon. The new signings would adapt very quickly because of the awesome power and uncontested leadership qualities of William Gallas so there are no worries there.

Anyway, it’s just me waffling but in a world of Maloudas, where the average winger can command massive prices, this Drenthe bloke looks like he’d be worth a go. Fast, funny hair and full of tricks like David Blaine’s scrotum. What the F?!

So that’s about that. Seriously speaking though things should start picking up on the news front in the days to come. The boys will be back for pre-season soon enough, Arsene’s batteries should be somewhat recharged after his well earned break and the club have finished scouring down the back of the sofa to add a couple of quid to the £16m we got for Thierry so Arsene can go out and buy a player or two.

It’s all good.

Update: Classic Arsene. A signing out of nothing. Eduardo da Silva joins from Dinamo Zagreb for the usual undisclosed fee. Thoughts tomorrow.

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