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Arseblog: Thursday 10th April 2003

april 10th

08.56 – It’s a fairly slow morning news wise. By news I mean Arsenal news, and not the other inconsequential news like the war and…er….ehm….well, I don’ think anything else has happened in the world since the war began. Surely the news channels wouldn’t just dedicate themselves to the war while other things were going on. No way. They have too much integrity to do something like that.

Thierry Henry is ready for what could be the biggest week in Arsenal’s season so far. Sheffield United on Sunday, then Wednesday we have Man Utd at Highbury. Sheffield United striker Steve ‘Shabba’ Kabba ‘Diawara’ is ready to pull himself off. I mean, help pull someone off. Sorry, pull off a shock. Apparently he learned a lot from watching WWW – “When I was younger I used to watch Ian Wright and learned a lot from him.” Which is just what I said. He’s also warned Arsenal not to underestimate Sheffield United – “Don’t underestimate us Arsenal” is something he might have said if he was talking to Arsenal as a whole. Which he wasn’t, and didn’t. Or won’t.

Right, so you’ve probably seen the pic to your left, and the new ‘members’ link at the top of the page. This is because I have set up a members area, funnily enough. As you all probably know, the site has grown a lot in the last few months, like an ugly boil on the backside of the internet, we just keep getting bigger and bigger. Many sites will ask you for a donation and expect you to cough up without giving you anything extra – the privilege of visiting their site should be enough. Not here, oh no.

Here’s what you get if you become an Arseblog member:

  • Exclusive access to my ‘special area’
  • a brand new set of first team player wallpapers, created exclusively for members
  • your own email address e.g [email protected] (access via webmail in the members area)
  • a secret thing I just can’t tell you about
  • access to all future wallpapers and hi-res pics which will only be available in the members area from now on
  • a warm happy feeling knowing you’ve helped out Arseblog

The cost of becoming a member is a once off payment of $20. That’s around €18.50, a mere £12.85 or an insignificant 32991991 Turkish Lira.

You’ll find more details here about the whole thing, reasons why and how to pay. If you have any questions, leave a comment or send me an email via this form.

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