Arseblog: Sunday 26th May 2002

may 26th

15.58 – Found this and just had to share it with you. This is from an article in today’s Sunday Independent.

Readers of Friday’s Evening Herald, mystified by why the Irish team were subjected to another three-and-half-hour flight on top of the 17-and-half-hour flight to Saipan from Amsterdam, will scarcely have been reassured by the bizarre claim of Ray Treacy, the FAI’s travel agent, that the players will have “actually gained an hour, which will be the opposite of jet-lag”.


15.19 – The Roy Keane saga takes on a whole new perspective now that Royston himself has decided to give his side of the story. I speculated during the week that this team meeting was engineered to provoke a reaction from Keane, and from what he’s saying, Keane believes that too.

At one point Keane tells of his first clash with McCarthy as a player on a tour of the US – ‘But Mick’s last words to me following the altercation were: ‘I’ll get you back some day. It may not be now or even next week.’

Well Roy, he gotcha. He also denies calling McCarthy an “English c*nt” but does admit to calling him a “wanker”, after McCarthy accused him of faking injury in front of the other players.

Paul McGrath spoke about the situation and blamed ‘idiotic mismanagement’ for letting it develop the way it did. I don’t think I need to add anything to that.

Arsenal players making news today were Kanu, who scored in Nigeria’s warm up game and David Seaman who missed England’s game against Cameroon with a groin injury.

With so little Arsenal news, here’s a couple of non-football related thingys to have a look at.

1 – A picture of a toaster made from differently toasted pieces of …er….toast.

2 – Shocking news for all internet users

3 – How to crack ‘Copy-proof’ CDs.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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