Arseblog: Monday 27th May 2002

may 27th

22.51 – I think most people realise it’s very easy to find items of dubious taste on the internet. Whether it’s a video of a man being eaten by a lion, old footage of University Challenge featuring your dad or the execution of American journalists, it’s all out there to behold.

Now, behold the most unpolitically correct song titles you will ever see. It’s not really for kids this, so kids, this is for you instead.

19.45 – Roy Keane has just given an interview to RTE television in Ireland saying he wants to play for Ireland again. However, he stopped short of apologising to Mick McCarthy, who earlier said there were members of the squad who would walk out if Keane returned.

Now, apparently, Mick McCarthy is writing a World Cup diary with Keane’s journalistic arch-nemesis, Cathal Dervan. It is said that there is now a bidding war between the tabloids for the rights to serialisation when the book is ready. The cynical amongst us might think that all the drama caused by provoking a situation where it was obvious you’d have to send your captain and best player home would do no harm for sales.

I emailed the FAI this afternoon to ask if they could confirm McCarthy was involved in this book writing project, but so far I’ve had no reply. If it’s true though, you have to wonder at the logic of it. It did wonders for Glenn Hoddle eh? And how does a player feel not knowing if what he says to the manager or his staff is going to end up in print? All in all, it’s a bad idea, and if it is true, surely it can’t be anything but a ‘disruptive influence’ on the squad. I doubt he’ll send his ghost-writer home though.

Elsewhere, Zinedine Zidane looks like he’s going to miss at least 2 games with a pulled muscle, with Cristophe Dugarry likely to replace him in the French side. It would be a shame if Zidane missed more than that. Injury has already robbed France of Robert Pires, and for a country to possess the two best playmakers in world football, and have neither, would be harsh.

England are still sweating on the fitness of Beckham and Dyer, but that great lumbering ox that is Emile Heskey is already assured of his place. England have some fine footballers, but what people see in Heskey is beyond me. He’s just Adi Akinbiyi playing with blokes who can make better passes than Robbie Savage and Co.

Arsenal content for today….er….a new toilet roll holder was installed in the away dressing room. Sweet.


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