Arseblog: Saturday 25th May 2002

may 25th

15.48 – World Cup or no World Cup, close season is a pain in the hole without proper football.

I remember when I was kid buying ‘Roy of the Rovers’ and to try and make the summer seem interesting, Racey and the boys would somehow end up playing competitive cricket. Yes, that’s right. Cricket. It’s not even close to football. Why didn’t they go to Ireland and play Gaelic Football or something? Or why didn’t we get stories of the ‘lads’ going of on holidays to the Ibiza of the time and how they shagged women and drank and vomited and filmed it all? You know, like Kieron Dyer did.

Anyway, there’s a dearth of news apart from World Cup stuff – and I’m already bored rigid with the hype and the build-up. You can’t turn on the TV or look at a website without a ‘ENGLAND INJURY CRISIS – BECKHAM BREAKS FINGERNAIL’ type headline.

Bring on the football……….


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