Monday, May 29, 2023

Shut up Robbie Savage, keep it up Philippe Senderos

Morning all, it’s a fairly quiet Monday morning but that doesn’t stop Robbie Savage being an odious, lying little toad. Speaking about the incident in which Gilberto Silva got sent off on Saturday he said:

He definitely made contact. If people think I went down easily, they should watch it on TV. I am now past all those days of feigning injury. I said to the referee he shouldn’t send him off, so I have nothing to regret.

It is then quite amazing that he isn’t blown over by gusts of wind or a leaf touching off him. If he really expects us to believe that the minimal contact made by Gilberto was enough for him to go flying up into the air then writhe around on the ground then he must think everyone in the world is as stupid as he is. A more noxious, repugnant excuse for a footballer I have yet to see. He is a faker and a cheat and while some people might think I give Eboue a hard time over his antics what he does is just the same as Savage and you wouldn’t have a cunt like Savage in your team, would you?

His pathetic attempt at self-justification is laughable as well. It’s all well and good proclaiming after the fact that you told the ref not to send him off. I mean, when was the last time a referee ever listened to a player? When your acting and diving has already ensured the red card then words are hollow. Anyway, to realign the cosmic balance everyone should look at this video of Savage being clattered by referees and opponents including that memorable moment in Robert Pires’ career when he blasted the ball straight into his face. And if that’s not enough Goodplaya has the Cesc nutmeg from a few weeks ago which makes Savage look like the prize chump he is.

Back to nicer things now and Philippe Senderos talks about his appearance in Ashley Cole’s book, his learning curve and the football that Arsenal play, saying:

We have to show people all around the country that we can do the business, not just play nice stuff. We’re playing unbelievable football and have to keep doing it, especially away from home. Sometimes it’s a real pleasure to watch the movement and the football in front of me. We can beat any team in Europe and have chances to win trophies.

He’s been back in the side and doing well in recent weeks and he looks a different player from when he first came back. I think people were too harsh on him at that time, he’d had no pre-season after suffering a serious injury in the World Cup but now he’s showing what he’s capable of. You have to remember he’s still only 21, very young in the career of a centre-half and we’re lucky to have him and Djourou who can both go on to be great players at Arsenal.

Not much else happening really. Steve Bruce wants to make Fabrice Muamba’s loan spell at Birmingham permanent. So a transfer then, not a permanent loan. Who knows?

Also, Jose Antonio Reyes is still moaning about not being part of the team for the Champions League final entirely forgetting his atrocious peformance in the semi-final against Villarreal which I have no doubt made up the manager’s mind. His insistence on sitting down and rolling around pretending to be injured meant we had periods of the game where we were under pressure and down to ten men. If it had been me he’d have been lucky to be mascot. Even then he’d have found some way of falling over as the teams came out.

And that’s your lot. I was going to mention something about Vitalfootball and their painful, hit-snatching headlines but I figure if I get started on them and a couple of other sites I might lose the run of myself.

How was your weekend then?

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