Petition – I love Kolo

The petition to get Blogger a season ticket starts here. He’s obviously our Lucky Charm. Anyone that would like to donate a season ticket please mail tom[removethisnonsense] and I’ll be sure he gets it. I wonder if we can stretch to two tickets – a second one for the Liverpool supporting Mug Smasher…

Yeah, so it occured to me that like a stupid cunt (I said “like”) I never gave you any team news yesterday. Well, some people played, and we sent the Scousers packing with some unlikely scorers.

First Flamini, from a Cesc cross that was as close to offside as it’s possible to be without being offside. Then ten minutes after the break, Robin van Persie, who didn’t do our “same old Arsenal” reputation any good by handballing while trying to get round Reina early on, got a lucky break to put in a slide rule pass to Kolo who nutmegged the keeper. It was reminicent of Tony Adams’ goal against Everton in the last game of the ’98 season. Well, in so much as it was a centre back through on goal and scoring. What the fuck Kolo was doing up there, who knows, but it was a great goal and with him and Gallas at the back, and Liverpool’s shite away form, and just general shiteness, it was pretty much game over. With ten minutes left, our other centre back, Gallas, scored an unmarked header. Brilliant to see them both score. Their grins in the post match interview were excellent too and they look like they’re getting on well. We’re really strong at centre back and it’s great to see. They were both all over the place, and in a good way, rather than a Stepanovs-Cygan way. I think Kolo is really cementing himself as a future captain and he was my man of the match last night.

Scoreline aside, the performance was impressive. Cesc was as strong and classy as usual, Hleb made some lovely touches – particularly with the pass to Cesc to set up Flamini’s goal, and he turns away from a potential tackler brilliantly. I thought Eboue and Clichy both made some really great runs and both looked very dangerous at times, and Thierry was really good. He was running back, tackling, covering players out of position and really looked up for it. He might not have scored, but he was class and you could see their players shiteing it whenever he got the ball. A word too for Almunia who despite his detractors, I think is a decent number two (heh!) behind Jens. Not that he had much to do, mind.

Liverpool were lucky to end the game with 11 players; Carragher should’ve got a second yellow, and Pennant could’ve gone for a stupid tackle he didn’t need to make. Looks like being at Birmingham and now Liverpool hasn’t done much for the cunt’s intelligence. Nice to hear him being called an “Arsenal reject” by the home crowd. Good work.

Seeing as yesterday’s blog was “sub-standard”, you can click here and read a proper post-match report. Or, of course, check out Goodplaya or some of the other sites linked to on the right hand side. I hope some people’s hangover is horrific today, and I really mean that in all honesty. You know who you are.

In his post-match interview, Arsene Wenger talked for the first time about the incident with Alan Pardew at West Ham last week. He said he felt disrespectfully provoked, that he regrets the whole thing, he accepted Pardew’s apology, that the media made more of it than it was, and accepted that both of them should’ve behaved better. Fair play. One thing I do love about Arsene is that he takes his time to consider his response to bullshit from the media – or anyone else. It’s like when you have an argument with someone and say something stupid and then think of a really clever response after the event. Arsene doesn’t do that; he waits, thinks it through, considers his response and usually actually comes up with something rather witty and a suitable put down. I wish I did that instead of saying “yeah? Well. Er…your mum does it for money!” Though if he had said that to Pardew, I’d just think even more of him.

So as good as yesterday’s result was, does it put us back in the title race? Not sure about that one. I think it definitely puts Liverpool out of it, but we’re still 7 points behind Chelsea, who are some number of points behind United that I can’t be arsed to look up right now. I think we do still have a game in hand though, so who knows? It was interesting to note that in his post-match interview, Benitez pretty much admitted their game plan was to try and nick a goal and then sit back and try and hit us on the break. Nice to see that sort of ambition from one of the so-called big four when they come to our ground.

And Spurts lost too! 12th place – about right for them. Does Sunday get much better?

I’m sure Blogger will have a report on his trip to the new stadium tomorrow, but that’s all from me for now. Remember, send your donated season tickets to tom[removethisnonsense]@[andthis], and I’ll guarantee 3-0 wins every week. Obviously.