Arsenal – Liverpool x 2

With Blogger away on his first visit to The Emirates with the Mug Smasher, you have the dubious pleasure of my company for a couple of days.

I’m not sure when it happened, I don’t remember, but apparently we’ve drawn today’s lot in the Carling Cup too – at their place. Double scouse delight. I must add my 2 cents on the enormous cunts commentating on Radio Merseyside for last round’s game. I don’t dislike Everton, they’re certainly one of the less hate-worthy teams in the league, despite producing the foulness that is Wayne Rooney, but those two fuckers on the radio the other day caused me to be even more delighted that we beat them, especially in the last five minutes. Morons, the pair of them. I happened to be in Chester that day and I wanted to phone up Radio Merseyside and say “I’ve got a point to make, lah, y’know, lah. Them fucking Gooners, they fuckin’ robbed us! HAHAHAHA, no, we robbed you!” And keep doing it. I don’t know if they’d get the whole scousers getting robbed/irony thing though. Juvenile, I know. And sorry any Everton fans that happen to have found themselves reading today, but that bloke really was a cunt.

Anyway, away from pathetic regional stereotypes and back to today’s small matter of the first category A game at the new stadium and other far more sensible matters.

Still no word from Arsene Wenger on the Pardew incident. Like Blogger, I thought Pardew said something either xenophobic or otherwise personally offensive. Pardew’s immediate post-match apology on Sky and AW’s non-appearance (ironically) spoke volumes. Whatever. Of course Pardew’s allowed to celebrate vigourously after a last minute goal against a team I don’t imagine he expected to beat, particularly after the start to the season they’ve had, but there must be more to it than meets the eye. Sky are still hyping it up when the real news of the weekend was that 2 players got hit by coins thrown from the stands. Someone else got hit by one yesterday as well. Fucking tools (the coin throwers that is, obviously, not the players!). I think that sort of behaviour should result in the team from where the coin came forfeiting the match. Very hard to prove I suppose, and open to abuse, but it might go some way to stopping people behaving like idiots and potentially seriously injuring someone.

In other spurious news, Clubcall have an article titled: “Arsenal to make January move for new England starlet” with a bodytext that has some quotes from Steve McClaren about why he’s called Micah Richards into the England squad for their next game. Fuck knows how they’ve managed to link him with us because there’s absolutely nothing in the article to suggest we’ve shown an interest. Clubcall, EatSleepFootball, FansFC, the Daily Mail; how do these cunts get away with just making stuff up and publishing it as if were true? It really pisses me off, especially when they plaster their nonsense all over Newsnow. Cunts, the lot of them. A plague on their collective genitals. TribalFootball too, fuckers.

Not that I wouldn’t be interested in Richards, far from it – I think he’ll be a really good player – but I think he’s still to properly define his position. That said, we bought Kolo before he had an established position and I think we’d all agree that turned out rather well.

A slightly more credible website is Teamtalk, which has some nice quotes from Cesc about how he’s settling in London and how his girlfriend can’t read his mind. I know he’s only young, but he better work out that he needs to start reading her mind pretty soon or they’ll not be together long. His comments do go a long way to show just how unsuitable Reyes was for a different culture though, and how much moving to a new country depends on the mindset of the individual.

Anyway, I have to go and do some work today so I won’t be able to start boozing until at least, oooh, after 12. It’s going to be a long day.

If you’re going to the game, stay away from the Irish man with the number 7 ’71 shirt on. He’s a wrong ‘un, that one.

Come on you reds!