World Cup Final

Well, that was interesting wasn’t it?

A good final, although like an idiot I missed the first fifteen minutes due to a booze-fuelled build up. Fortunately Mrs Tom came home and pointed out that it started at 7pm and not 8pm like every other cunting game in the World Cup (bastards, what the fuck was that all about?), and I didn’t miss too much.

Anyway, from what I did see I thought France had the better chances, but couldn’t put them away. Thierry had a good game, I thought, but for all his and the other French players’ efforts it wasn’t quite enough. Materazzi fouled Malouda who went down – he caught his legs rather than deliberately took him out – and it was a penalty which Zidane just about converted, chipping down the middle. Then ten minutes later, Materazzi made up for his mistake by scoring a header that Vieira maybe should’ve stopped him getting to (I managed to see that one!). Anyway, that made it one all and but for a few more chances, that was it. Italy were unlucky to have a goal ruled out for offside when on another day it might’ve been allowed, but there wasn’t much more than that.

So it went to extra time, and Zidane got a cross from Sagnol (I think – I could be wrong; although not much wronger than John Motson who couldn’t identify the right player all night), which Buffon did very well to save. The commentators were on about it being straight at him, but I thought it was a great save. Maybe Zidane could’ve done better and put it either side of him but even though he was free, it wasn’t an easy header.

Then a few minutes later, Materazzi pinched Zidane’s nipple, had some verbals with him, and Zidane completely lost it, headbutting Materazzi in the chest. It wasn’t remotely subtle, and the red card was inevitable and completely deserved. It overshadowed the result somewhat and was a fucking stupid way to finish your career. Materazzi might be a cunt of the highest order, but what Zidane did was idiotic. It wasn’t a headbutt like Figo’s on Van Bommel – it was right in his chest and knocked Materazzi clean over. It was the sort of behaviour you’d expect from a certain stupid, young Scouse chav (but at least that cunt’s got the excuse of actually being a stupid young chav); Zidane is one of the most experienced players in the world, and to do that in a World Cup final, with the eyes of the entire footballing world on you was unforgiveable. God knows what he was thinking in the dressing room afterwards (or at the time, come to that), but it was very, very disappointing for someone that’s been as good as he has, with the experience he’s got. I hope that’s not how he’s remembered, but I suspect it’ll taint his otherwise richly deserved reputation.

Interestingly, the Italian coach Marcello Lippi said it wasn’t his players, or the referee or linesman that pointed out the headbutt, but the fourth and fifth officials having seen a replay on video that highlighted it to the referee. If they can use video for that, why not for other incidents?

And then penalties, and with Zidane having been sent off, Thierry off through either exhaustion or injury, and Vieira injured, France were without three players that you’d have thought would be in their first choice penalty takers. To their credit, the only player to miss was Trezeguet who hit the bar, but Italy scored all of theirs, and so they won the World Cup. Sad for France, and especially Thierry who’s now lost the Champions’ League final and the World Cup final in not much more than a couple of months (as that ex-Sp*rs cunt Lineker was so quick to point out). Hopefully Thierry can now go home have some very well deserved holiday and get himself ready for the new season.

Monday. Gah. I hate Mondays.