Don't mention their names

Because if you do, it might not happen.

So the World Cup is over and it’s back to making up stories about what’s not happening. I felt a bit empty last night with no football to watch, but I’m so busy at work I’ve barely got time to notice anyway.

The Zidane nonsense goes on, with various lip-readers and other ‘experts’ variously claiming that Materazzi called him a terrorist (I don’t think Materazzi has the wit to understand why that might be offensive to Zidane, or that Zidane would’ve risen to it), or that Materazzi came up with the slightly more plausible “your mum does it for free”. Apparently ZZ’s mum’s not well just now so maybe he caught him at a bad time. ZZ certainly caught Materazzi at a bad time, though he did catch him very well.

So .. erm .. yeah, not much tangible happening Arsenal-wise. The rumours about Saviola and Yaya Toure persist, with quotes from various places from the latter saying he wants “to play for the same team as his brother.” I think he’d be a good addition, especially if he can flourish like Kolo. Maybe there’s another brother somewhere and we could have a spine of Kolos, in defence, midfield and up front. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking. Kolo spine good. Kolo like Kolo spine. Mmm…spine.

Stephen Appiah says “50% of me is coming to Arsenal”. If that’s true, we better get the other 50% too or I really don’t see the point. I did like the look of him at the World Cup. Admittedly that’s the first time I’ve seen him really – don’t remember seeing him play for Juve – so I’m not sure he’s any better/different than Yaya. He does have a very round head though. Does that help or hinder when heading the ball? Would Kryten make a good target man?

Following France’s World Cup Final loss, the rumours regarding Ribery recommence, with the player saying he’d “love to play for a big club in England – and nothing would be more ideal than to be with a French coach”. I assume he knows Gerrard Houllier is no longer at Liverpool and that Reggie Perrins-looking cunt that was at Portsmouth has fucked off. I dunno about him. Not sure where he’d fit in and he seems to be all promise and no end product. And he does look unsettlingly like Gary Neville to me, unfortunate scar apart. He was certainly gash (sorry) during the group stages, but then so was the rest of the French team, but like Frankenstein, he came alive later on (doubly sorry; it’s not like I’m not already going to hell anyway).

The Daily Telegraph (amongst others) are reporting that we’re ready to offer £8m for curtis Davies. Now I think he would be a good signing. Centre-back is certainly one of the places we need reinforcements after the enormous, Desperate Dan-sized gap that’s been left by Sol Campbell’s departure.

Anyway, that’s your lot. Tuesday. Bah. Still not Friday.