Arseblog: Friday 20th June 2003

june 20th

08.53 – Real Madrid fans must be pissing themselves, as it appears Barcelona’s new President, Joan Laporta, is as mad as a march hare who’s just taken a big purple mad pill and washed it down with a gallon of mad juice. After using Beckham’s name to win the election, then saying “I never promised Beckham”, he’s now bandying the name of our very own Thierry Henry around.

Obviously TH is a player that practically every club in the world would love to have, but the chances of him going to Barcelona are absolutely non-existent, for a number of reasons:

  • He signed a new Arsenal contract before the cup final
  • Barcelona simply can’t afford the world record £70m transfer fee it would take to even think about selling him
  • The player himself loves Arsenal, “To come to Arsenal was the best thing I ever did.”
  • Joan Laporta is quite mad

So now it seems Barcelona want Harry Kewell rather than Thierry Henry, according to The Sun. Or do they? Leeds have denied there has been any official approach from Barça and according the Catalan club’s Sporting Director “He (Kewell) is on our list but he is not a priority.”

LaPorta and his buddies are now trying to bring Ronaldinho to the Nou Camp with the €127 they’ve managed to scrape together singing La Bamba in Plaza Catalunya.

To your left there you can see new boy Philippe Senderos, the defender that all the big clubs wanted. According to Arsene Wenger this kid is going to be a big star for Arsenal, and it’s not going to be too long before we see him make the breakthrough.

“I was impressed firstly because he is a good defender, but more than that because he is a leader. I am a strong believer in this boy and he’ll be a major asset for the club in the future. He has unbelievable mental strength. You cannot survive at a top football club like Arsenal if you do not have mental strength. It has nothing to do with age or experience. You can have that at 18 and I think he has it. People will discover him next season but I think we have made a very good move.”

Sounds like he could well be playing an important part in things next season, and if that means less foootball for Cygan and no chance of Stepanovs playing, then I’m all for it.

Wenger on Beckham.

Next season’s fixtures were released yesterday. I guessed at Liverpool, we got Everton. At least I had the right town of thieving scallies though, eh?

Kanu believe it?

I have a feeling we’ll sign somebody today. I can feel it in my bunions/corns/enormous testes.


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