Arseblog: Saturday 21st June 2003

june 21st

12.38 – There’s a fair bit of news around this morning, just be thankful I have the energy to put it altogether. Temperatures here are at record levels for this time of the year. ’tis feckin roastin’ boy.

Arsene Wenger has ruled out a move for Parma’s Hidetoshi Nakata, which is good. Bascially because Nakata is no better than any of the players we have at the moment and is only famous for being the best Japanese player rather than actually being a very good player.

Wenger: “There have never been so many players on the market and we have a very long list of players we are looking for. I would like to make two, possibly three, new signings.”

Vieira: “Every year there have been stories about me joining Juventus or Real Madrid and every year I have shown my loyalty to Arsenal. I am committed to the club and want to stay. I will will go back to pre-season training early to get fit. I do not think there will be a problem with the contract.”

It looks like Kewell will be first in, with this Leeds website reporting that Kewell’s agent is due to meet with Arsene Wenger early next week.

David Seaman speaks about how his departure from Arsenal was hard, but has said AW was a gentleman about the whole situation. “Arsene Wenger was a complete gentleman about everything. He said to me ‘this is what I have got to offer, if you don’t take it I fully respect the decision you make’, and you can’t be any fairer than that.”

Thierry Henry’s children could play for the Republic of Ireland.

After previously claiming to be in talks with Arsenal, Turkish bullshitter Basturk now reveals he’s off to Liverpool. They’re welcome to him.

Finally for today, you could win a signed Arsenal pennant (not Jermaine) by going to this website. It’s to help raise funds for a this chap and it looks a nice prize. Have a look anyway.

Right, beach again today I think. *sigh*


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