Arseblog: Monday 2nd September 2002

september 2nd

13.55 – Yesterday I mistakenly referred to Andy D’Urso as a ‘useless muppet’. I now realise that I was wrong. He is in fact a piss drinking, poo eating, shit faced wanklord. The FA have issued a statement to say “Referee Andy D’Urso will not be reconsidering his decision to dismiss Vieira for two cautions.”

Nice to see consitency across the board then. Birmingham’s Cissé had his second yellow card revoked for an identical incident, but obviously Mr D’Urso knows best. Let’s be honest here, anyone can make a mistake, but it takes a big man to hold his hands up and admit it. D’Urso is a small man. A very small man. And a shite referee.

Even Jesper Gronkjaer said that he kicked Vieira. It beggars belief that he won’t reconsider his decision and if the FA have any balls and sense of fair play, they’ll look carefully at Mr D’Urso’s position as a Premiership referee. But then the FA are a bunch of cunts too.



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