Arseblog: Sunday 1st September 2002

september 1st

20.25Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal (Kolo Toure)

Firstly let me just say that if Andy D’Urso is fit to referee, then I am quite capable of performing intricate heart surgery. Time and again he’s proved himself to be a useless muppet and today’s impression of a referee was one of his worst yet. Put him out to pasture so he can be butt fucked by a randy bull.

However, it took his mistake in sending Patrick Vieira off to get Arsenal going. 1-0 down and 10 men and most sides would have crumbled. Not this Arsenal team. Mental strength and a sheer determination not to give up the unbeaten record won us a point. That and Kolo Toure who looks absolutely fantastic. He ran, he tackled, he chased, he dribbled and he bloody well scored the equaliser, nodding in the rebound from Wiltord’s shot. Let’s have some more of that son. His interview on Sky was quite charming too, referring to himself in the first third person the whole time.

“Kolo came on, and Kolo wants to prove he is a good player and Kolo was very happy to score…” etc. Lovely.

Kolo – K-O-L-O – Kolo. Now there’s a chant we have to get off the ground.

Paddy’s sending off was a mirror image of the Ashley Cole incident a couple of weeks ago. He went to block the ball, Gronkjaer kicked the bottom of his foot, leapt in the air like a salmon swimming upstream and the ref fell for it. I wonder though how many Arsenal fans will have a go at Gronkjaer, but are unwilling to see the similiarities between his behaviour and Ashley’s? Slightly worrying was Chelsea’s goal – very soft defensively and David Seaman really should have done better.

Given the circumstances though, I’m quite happy with a point today.


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