Arseblog: Wednesday 26th June 2002

june 26th

17.52 – It’s Brazil v Germany in the World Cup final on Sunday.

A few weeks ago I went to see Brazil play Catalunya and I watched Ronaldo carefully.

To me he looked slow, lifeless, limping and missing that explosive burst of speed he used to terrorise defences with. I speculated as to whether or not we’d ever see the ‘old Ronaldo’ again. Well, I’m quite happy to eat my words, pour scorn on myself for doubting him and now state that he is without doubt the best striker in the world today. Some turn around….let me explain.

Ronaldo scored today with what is known as a ‘Toe bog’. There were kids in school who could hit a football really hard with the more traditional method of the inside or outside of the foot. Then there were kids who wore George Webb shoes who used to run up and toe the ball with their steel capped footwear. These kids were known as ‘Toe boggers’.

Ronaldo today showed incredible skill today to collect the ball, turn and run at and away from 4 or 5 defenders and then he shot on goal. The minute it went in I was jumping around shouting, “I can’t believe he scored with a toe bog!!”.

Only the greatest striker in the world would show such sublime skill then score with a toe bog. It’s just a good job Arsenal agreed the deal to sign him before the World Cup began ;o)

Turkey’s goalkeeper Rustu had another excellent game today – you’ve gotta love his warpaint – and he becomes the latest in a long line of keepers to be linked with Arsenal. Sooner or later David Seaman has to be step aside. Maybe it’s just me, but I think the Indian Summer he’s having in terms of his career at the moment is going to fade into an uncomfortable autumn soon, and with neither Richard Wright or Stuart Taylor looking 100% suitable IMO, it would be wise to keep and eye on the keeper market.



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