Arseblog: Thursday 27th June 2002

june 27th

12.55 – Is it just me……

…or does Ronaldinho look like something out of The Mummy Returns? At least when a commentator says something like,”Oh Ronaldinho terrifies defences…..”, it’s true on many levels. I wonder if you look at him long enough would you turn into stone?

It seems that Tony Adams is looking away from the playing field when it comes to his future in football. His application for the manager’s job at Brentford was unsuccessful, and it seems more likely we’ve seen the last of our captain on the Highbury turf. Time to retire the number 6 shirt?

I think he’d make a good manager, his recent battles have obviously made him more thoughtful and focussed, and his recent articles on the World Cup for guardian football have been well written pieces that display good insight and tactical knowledge of the game.

Obviously he’d be a fan’s favourite for the job once AW’s reign is over, and maybe it might benefit Arsenal more for him to get 2 or 3 years management experience in the lower leagues than to play for another potentially injury blighted season.



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