Arseblog: Wednesday 27th March 2002

march 27th

21.45 – So ITV Digital has been placed in administration. Serves them right the miserable shower of no-good, non email replying, Peter Brackely’s no legs hiding, overpaying for football rights gobshites. Bad news for Nationwide league clubs who have already budgeted for the TV money and now face the very real threat of extinction. Not content with trying to put people off football with their amateurish, advertising interrupted broadcasts coupled with ridiculously poor punditry, they’ve gone the whole hog here and put people off football by wiping out the clubs they support. Well done, you complete and utters tossers.

Have a look at Ormondroyd from Football Unlimited. If you like that, check out his site at

The professor who originally examined Pires said this “I personally think there is no chance of recovery, simply because the cruciate ligament is not in the right place and it will be impossible for it to find some stability. I do not want to start a conflict of interests with Doctor Ferret, who is not a surgeon.

If, for psychological reasons, some have decided to make Robert believe that a miracle is possible, then why not? I saw his despair when I told him the news on Monday morning. He must be really confused now.”

I hope this obvious conflict of interest between France and Arsenal is resolved quickly, for Bob’s sake.

Added+ – Ray Parlour wallpaper, in the ‘OTHER’ section as usual, and if you’re a Romford Pele fan, check this out. From the makers of The Grimster.

11.13 – If Roger Lemerre had his way…….

09.45 – French manager Roger Lemerre has blasted Arsenal’s gruelling schedule and blamed Robert Pires’ injury on the fact that he’s played so many games. Of course, you didn’t mention that you took him round the world and back for a meaningless friendly did you, you poxy bastard?

The lines need to be drawn in the sand now – Robert is an Arsenal player, we pay his wages, we should decide who treats him, when he treats him and how he treats him. Bob is off to Geneva for a 3rd opinion today, and it strikes me that Lemerre and France do NOT have to best interests of the player as their primary concern. They want to patch him up, play him in the World Cup and then ship him back to Arsenal whatever the consequences. If that means another 6 or 9 months out after the tournament, so be it.

The Sun and The Mirror both say that Arsenal are ready to go ‘to war’ with France over this issue, and rightly so in my opinion. The primary concern should be for the player, not the prospects of the reigning world champions in Japan and South Korea.

Meanwhile, Thierry Henry has gone all Fox Mulder and started talking conspiracies here. He reckons there are those above who want to stop Arsenal winning, and has used the example that most Arsenal fans would use to defend his 3 match ban. If Roy Keane can verbally batter referees week in-week out, how come nothing happens to him? A very good question, you have to say……


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