Arseblog: Thursday 28th March 2002

march 28th

20.25 – Jamie Ashdown, son of former Liberal party leader Paddy, signs for one month on loan as a cover for Stuart Taylor, Graham Stack and Craig Holloway who are all injured. Jerome Thomas has gone on loan to QPR.

Bob speaks to L’Equipe “I would simply like people to leave me alone now. Things are clear, the World Cup is dead for me. I took the decision to wait for three weeks to decide whether I will be operated on my knee or not, because I wanted to make my decision after a lot of thinking.

I would like medical secrecy to apply for my knee as well, like any other normal human being. My situation is difficult enough and I don’t need some people to say anything more about it. One day it is not serious, the next I am out for six months and the following there is a hope. I am trying to do things as professionally as possible and I am clearly surrounded by competent people. I can be trusted, I will do my best to get better as fast as I can.”

Added+ – Ashley Cole wallpaper and a hi-res scan of Pires scoring the equaliser in the Champions League game against Lazio last season. Click on the ‘OTHER’ section above to find them.

15.00 – If Michael Barrymore got married to Peter Schmeichel, would he call himself Michael Schmeichel?

11.00 – So today is transfer deadline day. Can’t imagine there’ll to be too many coming in to Highbury, perhaps one or two of the younger players might move down a division or two.

I remember transfer deadline day in 1994, opening up a newspaper and seeing Anders Limpar holding up and Everton shirt. Well, my heart just broke. I loved Anders and he had been sold. And then we bought Eddie McGoldrick…..I mean, seriously.

I think Anders summed it up best when a few months after joining Everton he said “Sometimes I wonder what the fuck I’m doing here“. Too right.

If there’s any Arsenal transfer action today – in or out – we’ll let know.


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