So Paddy got up – an Arsenal anthology

The first Arseblog book – So Paddy got up – an Arsenal anthology was released in hardback format in December 2011. It features 26 essays from great bloggers, journalists and writers about Arsenal Football Club.

So Paddy got up - an Arsenal anthology

The line up is as follows: Andrew Mangan (Arseblog) – Amy Lawrence (Observer) – Tim Stillman (Vital Arsenal) – Sian Ranscombe (From a girl who loves the Gunners) – Tim Clark (Arse2Mouse) – Kieron O’Connor (Swiss Ramble) – Stuart Stratford (A Cultured Left Foot) – David Faber (Goonerholic) – Michael Cox (Zonal Marking) – Leanne Hurley (Lady Arse) – Julian Harris (Gingers4Limpar) – Nick Ames ( – Andrew Allen (The Arsenal Collective) – James McNicholas (Gunnerblog) – Paolo Bandini (Guardian) – Jim Haryott (East Lower) – Tim Barkwill – Chris Harris ( – Tom Clark (Arseblog) – Tim Payton (AST) – Nigel Brown (Humans Invent) – Jake Morris (Goodplaya) – John Cross (The Mirror) – Tim Bostelle (7amkickoff) – Jonathan Swan – Philippe Auclair (France Football)


The hardback is now sold out.

Digital edition

In the meantime the book is available in digital format from the following outlets:

Amazon Kindle




“Above everything else it is heart-felt and written from the soul by Gooners who so obviously care. Giving you details might spoil the pleasure so I’ll tell you no more than the fact that you’ll enjoy it unless you hate reading, or don’t like Arsenal as much as you claim. To say I’d recommend it is an understatement.”Arsenal World.

“Make no mistake, if you are an Arsenal fan, I can almost guarantee you will enjoy this book. And, to paraphrase the song after which it is entitled, you’ll probably want to read it ‘over and over and over again’”Goonerboy

“It’s an absolute must read …”Bleacher Report

“By the time I’d read as far as chapter ten ‘So Paddy Got Up’ was already one of my all-time favourite Arsenal titles”Online Gooner


Brilliant stuff. – @imperialsj

Best Arsenal book ever? Must be @arseblog “So Paddy got up” Every piece is a wonder. Read it and enjoy – @StevenFeldman

Picked up So Paddy Got Up kindle edition for Xmas…absolutely loving it! – @ajnaut

Anyone who got a kindle for Christmas I can wholeheartedly recommend “So Paddy got up” by @arseblog superb reading, memories galore – @yorkshiregunner

So…So Paddy Got Up is brilliant. – @bostongooners

Merry Christmas from Miami! My best present was the @arseblog book “So Paddy Got Up” – @scottgordon19

Just finished “so paddy got up” in 1 sitting. big respect to yourself and all the contributors – @sthlondongooner

Got my copy of So Paddy Got Up in the mail today, and it’s bloody brilliant. What Is Arsenal? Class chapter. – @AndortTraeland

@arseblog Finished So Paddy Got Up last night. Great book! – @calbears96

Finished the @arseblog book. Enjoyable & educational it invokes pride in #afc, its history, staff & fans. – @d_u_b_z

Awesome – @tomgoom

If you are an Arsenal fan you must read ‘So Paddy Got Up’ by @arseblog and others. Terrific read. – @goonerboyblog

Compulsory reading for all rational Gooners – @misplacedswag

5 stars – @DVerschoyle

absolutely fantastic – @threenildotcom

So Paddy Got Up is brilliant – @londonn53

A must read 4 every Gooner – @goonernation

A must have for any Arsenal fan – @david_m_bryan

A brilliant book & great reminder of all the things that make Arsenal a great club – @colm_smyth

If there’s anything you do with your life, buy the book! Absolute brilliance – @pcammarata

A fantastic read and a real must for any Arsenal fan – @timwozza

It is official.  So Paddy got up is by far the best book on Arsenal I have read – @GaryEaston

Just finished my copy of ‘So paddy got up’ and I absolutely loved it. So very proud to be a gooner – @thelopezz

A must read for all Arsenal fans. Thoroughly enjoyed it – @conorwhelanire


If you would like any more information about the book or its availability, please just get in touch.