Friday, May 24, 2024

Small Lana update

Morning all, obviously there’s nothing stirring from a football perspective today.

We should have been getting ready to face Everton, but that game now won’t take place until 2023. I think I read somewhere the first available slots for these postponed games was January of next year – so post World Cup, with all the fun that’s going to bring for the players who are away.

So, without any football to talk about, I’m basically going to take a day off today.

For those asking about Lana, she’s doing quite well. Obviously when you undergo a total hip replacement, you’re going to be sore and sad, and she’s both those things – as well as looking a bit like a plucked chicken because they had to shave off so much of her fur. However, we’re managing her pain as well as we can, and the first thing we did was get rid of the annoying cone vets use to stop dogs getting at their stitches.

Those things are so cumbersome and stressful for them, and we swapped it out with what is essentially an inflatable travel pillow which does the same job. It’s much more comfortable for her than that hard plastic cone, which is really restrictive, especially when she’s confined to a crate for the majority of the day. She does go out for a little wander and bathroom breaks, but apart from that she has to stay in there.

The worst part is the guilt though! Not being able to explain to her what’s going on and why it’s happened. I know as pet owners we often ascribe feelings/emotions to them that they may not be feeling, but it’s hard not to look at her expression sometimes without reading ‘Why did you let this happen to me?!’ into it. 😭

Anyway, it’s all for the best in the long-term, even if the short-term is tough. She is such a happy, active dog, it’s difficult to see her in this kind of state, but hopefully each day is a bit better than the one before.

Have a great Sunday folks.


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