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Saturday Sagna round-up

Hello, how’s the head? Pounding, eh? I know the feeling. A quick Saturday round-up for you. Not that you don’t deserve more. There just isn’t more.

Anyway, we’ll start with Bacary Sagna who in the spare time he has since that bloke tromped on his leg and broke it, has obviously been soaking up the mood from the old Twitter box. First off, he wants to make sure we re-sign Robin:

I’m confident Robin will stay. He was a complete professional from the beginning until the end and helped us into third. We want to keep him. Everyone is so grateful to him for what he’s done for the club and how important he is.

He is our captain and he takes his role and responsibilities very seriously. He gives everything as a player and captain.

And then he wants new players to come in, going so far as to name Yann M’Vila:

We want more players to come to the team. M’Vila can make a great impact. I’m not sure about his English but it took me time to learn. But I think he would suit us as well.

I suspect he was asked directly about M’Vila rather than just throwing the name out there randomly. Or maybe he’s heard something. Perhaps, with his close ties to the France national team, he heard that M’Vila was making an announcement about an announcement about an announcement about his future. But I think he was just asked ‘Do you think M’Vila would be good?’

Still, it’s nice to hear one of the players say they want the club to be busy in the transfer market. Good players always want other good players to be at their club and Sagna should have no worries about his place in the team. Sadly for him he’ll miss the Euros due to the broken leg but he goes on to say it shouldn’t be as complicated as the previous one and hopefully he’ll be back in plenty of time for the start of the new season.

Meanwhile, Don Vito Corleone Mannone says he’d be open to staying at Hull, but having fired manager and former Sp*rs urchin Nick Barmby, he’s not sure what’ll happen when a new man comes in:

I don’t know what will happen. There was obviously more chance of me moving to Hull with Nick as manager but my agent is keeping in touch with the club.

I feel as though I have been playing well this season and it would be a very good club to join but I still have a contract with Arsenal. It will be their decision too.

I think Arsenal will be open to letting him go. If a player isn’t going to make the grade with us and he has a chance to play regularly elsewhere then it’d be the right thing to do to let him go. I mean, who in their right mind wants to be a number 2 goalkeeper anywhere? I’ve never understood someone like Stuart Taylor who has spent the vast majority of his professional career on the training ground and hardly ever playing.

I know you’ll say ££££, which is probably a factor but imagine having to relive your career later in life.

“Grandad, what was it like being a professional footballer?”

“Oh, great lad.”

“And how many times did you play.”



If Mannone wants to drop down a level or two to play then I’m all for it and we should do what we can to make it happen. Lest his grandchildren have their illusions shattered later in life. Of course with Fabianski wanting out too we’ll have to find a new keeper but the rumours have started already in that regard.

Over on Arseblog News, youth correspondent Jeorge Bird looks at the crop of midfielders currently at the club.

And finally, today is May 26th, a date that’s firmly etched into the brains of all Gooners. 23 years ago on this very day, the most dramatic end to a league season ever took place. Don’t buy the Sky/Premier League hype. Having to beat the reigning champions and the best team in England for years by two clear goals, at their place, was a tough task. Struggling to beat 10 man relegation fodder, like City did, doesn’t even come close, regardless of how late the goals were.

Relive it here.

And that’s that. I’ll speak to you tomorrow from Edindburgh, I’m heading over today to support Mrs Blogs in her marathoning in the only way I know how. By drinking beer and rum in the sunshine.

Until then.

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