Monday, May 20, 2024

Irish government, FA Cup draw, Bashchamakh

Dublin weather
Fuck you Brian Cowen

Good morning from a freezing cold Dublin. I know many of you who live in colder places will scoff at the cold snap we’re having here but yours, at least, is natural and consistent.

Due to the ineptitude and outright crookery of our government I can only assume that we’ve given away any warmth we got from the sun to the IMF. The IMF will then lend us some heat at punitive interest rates and we’ll have to ration it to just a few days per year.

Tepid summers I can deal with, I’m used to them, but this kind of igloo making, eating rotten shark and hand to hand combat with snow yeti shit, no thank you. And the irony is this government has been propped up by the Green Party. “Oooh, we’ve got to do something about global warming”, they said. Well done fuckers. You’ve finally got what you wanted. I hope you freeze in hell for all eternity.

And while I’m on the subject of people who ought to be flayed alive then fed to their children before setting the now plump children on fire in front of their own children, the FA Cup third round draw was made yesterday and we got Leeds United. I remember some epic FA Cup games with Leeds back in the day. Anders Limpar racing the whole length of Elland Road one night, then turning back, going up the other end, then beating all the Leeds players again … just because he could … before scoring.

I hate Leeds. I hate them with all my liver. Comes from my school days in East Yorkshire. No, really. Long-time readers will know this already but being forced by a much older woolly-headed, over-hormoned mutant to say you love Leeds while he twisted your arm behind your back to the point where it was sure to break does nothing to create a good feeling about a football club.

Their brief rise in the early part of last the decade under Ridsdale and O’Leary troubled me greatly. Leeds, Champions League semi-final? NO. Still, it was a small price to pay for their subsequent decay and plummeting down the league. No, it’s not terrible to see a proud club with ‘great fans’ suffer relegation after relegation. It’s fucking brilliant. For me Leeds are the John Terry of clubs. Leeds would shag your bird then draw the hot bath after buying her a bottle of Beefeater.

I can’t wait for this game because I want to kill them. In the face. Then take the face and hold it up for their mum to cry over. This fixture takes place on the weekend of Jan 8th/9th.

Meanwhile, Marouane Chamakh is finding English football somewhat tougher than the game in France. He says:

Every ball that’s contested here I get ploughed into – and the referee doesn’t blow for it. After a Premier League match, I walk off with my body aching, with scratch marks, stiff muscles. Three days later, we go again.

He’s taken a battering in fairness. I think it was the Birmingham game where Roger Johnson elbowed him in the head after they took umbrage at him being cleaned out of it in the area, but he’s done exceptionally well overall. He’s not perfect but lets not forget the injuries to Bendtner and van Persie, and then Bendnter’s histrionics, meant he’s been the focal point of our attack for most of the season so far. It’s a tough job up front on your own, we know defenders in the Premier League are physical, so fair play to him.

I suspect he’ll get a rest tomorrow night against Wigan as it’s a good opportunity for the manager to rotate a little bit but even though Chamakh’s hair defies description in its ridiculousness I’ve grown rather fond of him. And the best answer to getting roughed up is scoring goals, so far he’s hitting them where it hurts when they hit him where it hurts. Long may it continue.

It’s a bit early to talk about the Carling Cup game tomorrow night. There’s a whole blog waiting to do that tomorrow morning. We can have a good speculate on the team and the changes the boss might make then. Provided I can find a good stream, as I don’t think it’s on the telly, we’ll be doing a live blog so if you’re stuck in work or out and about it’ll keep you up to date. More details on that tomorrow.

And really that’s about it. This morning I have go somewhere and it’s cold and slippy outside. If I chill or take a tumble I’m taking this poxy government down once and for all.

Till tomorrow!

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