A dream signing + news round-up

I think the World Cup and lack of Arsenal news is playing with my brain. You know those really vivid dreams you have when you put your alarm on ‘snooze’ so you can have another delicious 9 minutes of sleep?

Well this morning I dreamt I was at the Arsenal training ground for a briefing about a new player. He was a Brazilian called ‘Alexinho’ and he had the most awesome pencil moustache you ever saw in your life. Arsene Wenger was there and really tall and I got to ask him questions about the player.

“So he’s a forward then?”

“No, a midfielder”.

“A wide midfielder?”


“A central midfielder then?”


“A defensive midfielder?”

“No. Just a midfielder”.

“I see”.

Then Arsene started complaining that the front room of my parents house was not very comfortable because this is where he did all his World Cup commentary from. Then, just as I was posting something on the blog to say we wouldn’t be signing Joe Cole, the alarm went again.

Back in the real world and it looks like Laurent Koscielny is on his way. The clubs have apparently agreed a fee having somehow communicated with a Blackberryless Arsene Wenger and it could be wrapped up later this week.

And speaking of Joe Cole Señor del Twitch down the lane wants to gazump us, apparently. Maybe it’s just me but I get a huge stench of Sylvester off the Joe Cole thing. I know Cole is younger and probably still has a couple of decent years left but it’s very much like being offered a meh sandwich with a side order of pfff.

As Fabio Capello identifies Jack Wilshere as a player for the future of England it’ll be interesting to see what happens with him this season. We’re told the loan spell at Bolton has done him plenty of good, regular football and all that, and the sooner we get him properly blooded in at Arsenal the better. I suppose this is what bringing through local players is about. His DNA might not be 100% Arsenal but he’s unlikely to return ‘home’ to play for Stevenage Rovers one day.

At the World Cup Robin van Persie played for Holland yesterday as they beat Slovakia 2-1. He got taken off with about 10 minutes to go and really wasn’t happy about it but to be fair he didn’t have a great game. The Dutch are interesting, they don’t ever seem to play really well but never look threatened by the opposition. Efficient.

Last night Brazil gave Chile a 3-0 spanking with former Gunner Gilberto Silva pulling the strings in midfield. It’s left a lot of people wistful about him wondering if he could still do a job for us. To be honest I don’t think so. I think we might have kept him another year but at this stage he’s not the most mobile and the Premier League would be too quick. Nice to see him do well for his country though.

Today Paraguay play Japan which could be fun and then tonight it’s the Iberian derby as Spain play Portugal. We might get a bit of Cesc in that one and it’ll be interesting to see how Spain cope with Portugal’s solid as a rock, boring as fuck, defence.

That’s all later. Now it’s toast time. Laters.


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