The end of the transfer market as we know it?

Morning all, it’s another beautiful sunny day here.

We’ll start with Arsene Wenger talking about the transfer market, which he feels is on the point of collapse. With the introduction of the Webster ruling players over 28 years of age can buy out their contract after a ‘protected’ period of just 2 years. The boss says:

Believe me, soon someone will challenge that and ask why at 28 years old and not, say, at 27. And then it will be why after two years and not one? Once you get to that stage, the transfer system is dead. You’d have a team built for a year – then you are in big trouble.

And he’s right too. I know there are employment laws, some of which work well for football (when you think about how the 6+5 mongfest can’t happen) but on the other hand football, more than most businesses, needs stability and the demand for ’employees’ must be unique. When you can’t plan for more than a season then it’s certainly going to make managers lives more difficult but it’ll be a godsend for agents. You have to laugh at Jonathan Barnett saying:

In real terms, it’s the clubs who invariably force players to break contracts.

Yes, and its agents who help them every step of the way. Chelsea definitely offered Ashley Cole more money but I don’t think Chelsea did anything until they were given the ‘green light’ by Barnett. Slimy cunt.

I think there’ll be a landmark case soon. One high profile player will use the Webster clause to leave – I’m told Hleb was seriously considering it this summer – and then the rest will follow. Once that happens it’s going to totally fuck the transfer market. Why bid for a player when you can just pay off his contract? You might have to wait a year, perhaps, but if it saves you money then that’s what you’re going to do. I suspect it’ll just drive up wages as well. Whatever way you look at it though the traditional transfer market seems to be on its last legs.

The Telegraph links Arsene to a role at PSG in 2011. I link to this only because it’s the worst article I have ever read on any website ever. And I’ve read the official Sp*rs website once. Someone in the ‘graph needs to have a word and get a good copy editor in there. I might have a spare one actually!

The People links us with Hamburg’s Piotr Trochowski, he’s earmarked for the Flamini role, apparently. Meanwhile Cardiff will sell Aaron Ramsey if they can have him back on loan next season while AW thinks teams that play attacking football should be rewarded.

Right, that’s about it. I’m off to get the back of my neck sunburnt. More sunburnt. Bank holiday weekend here too, have fun.


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