Saturday, June 15, 2024

Cesczilla and Widehead

Tuesday morning. Is there anything more Tuesday than today? I think not.

Apparently AC Milan want Mathieu Flamini. Having seen how he dicked all over Gattuso and co at the San Siro I can’t say I blame them. However, I would suggest that they fuck off. I would be very unhappy if the Flamster didn’t sign with us and if AC Milan have anything to do with it I can’t promise that I wouldn’t make my way there and blow up their stadium in a fiendish plot that made it look like it was Al Qaeda, or something. I know it wouldn’t do much for world peace but fuck it, I’m not the provocative one here.

Arsene says playing on Wigan’s pitch is like cycling with one pedal. I remember that happened to me once. One pedal fell off and then you feel like a total idiot going around and around with one foot. It took me a week going back and forward to school before I got it fixed. Money was tight those days. DON’T JUDGE ME!

It reminds me of the time when we banjaxed Widehead’s bike. Widehead was this bloke with a really wide head and we used to cycle home behind him because he blocked out the wind. It was like cycling behind a bus. But one day one of the lads loosened the bolts on his front wheel and when he was cycling past the girls school that was opposite our school he hit a bump, the front wheel came off and he went right over the handlebars causing himself some serious damage. Oh, how we laughed, but nobody ever visited Widehead in the hospital or in the unit he was transferred to when they realised the brain damage was permanent.

Cesc is a great player. He is driven by the good things in football like nice passing, silky skills and sweet, sweet revenge. He’s looking to avoid Barcelona in Friday’s CL draw because he wants them in the final. He says:

We’d like to avoid them at this stage and save them for the final after what happened in Paris two seasons ago. Then we will destroy them like Godzilla destroys cities, with fire breathing from our noses and we shall look down at their charred corpses and we shall laugh. Oh yes.

Hurrah for Cesczilla! Philippe Senderos says Arsenal are like Journey, they won’t stop believing. The big Swiss has been in impressive form since he came back into the side and is now using 80s MOR to inspire his teammates. I heartily approve, I have to say. He’s just a Swissy boy, born and raised in north …erm … Lucerne … yeah!

Jens Lehmann says Arsene Wenger ignored fate and made a mistake when he put Manuel Almunia back in the team. That’s according to Sky Sports according to the Daily Mail. Frankly I think Jens knows it’s time. I’ve never seen him look quite so gleeful as when Cesc scored against Milan. The smile was as genuine as it would be if he found out Manuel’s hands had been ripped off in a shocking combine harvester accident.

And that’s really about all there is to tell you this morning. Have yourselves a fine Tuesday. More tomorrow.

Update: Those of you who receive Arseblog via the mailing list will be aware it’s all gone a bit wonky the last couple of days. Am working on fixing it this morning, sorry for any inconvenience.

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