Arsene talks to Arsenal TV – Diarra to Portsmouth?

Goodness, I am tired this morning. That would have something to do with having to wait up for the Blogette who was swanning around town having attended a recital by a popular rock and roll group. Stupid children, always wanting to do things with their youth and their energy.

It’s fairly quiet in terms of news as well. There were a few little snippets from a Q&A session that Arsene did for the newly launched Arsenal TV channel. One of which was him saying that Anelka wanted to join us in the summer after Henry left and although the boss considered it he said there’s a strict policy of not re-buying players once they’ve left. He spent the money on Eduardo and I suppose you wouldn’t be complaining if Anelka had the same number of goals at this stage of the season, so that’s worked out ok.

He then went on to speak about English players and how 80% of our youth teams are made up of English lads and he also said he thought Goodison Park was louder than Anfield. And that’s about it. Not exactly mindblowing stuff, is it? However, not everyone is terribly happy with Arsenal TV – Goonerholic explains. I have it but I haven’t looked at it yet – I suppose it’ll be all right for the reserve fixtures and replays of matches and stuff.

Update: Turns out I don’t have it and I won’t have it either as NTL are the same as the Virgin crowd Goonerholic is complaining about. It seems there’s no bandwidth for Arsenal TV and as such it’s only available through Sky, which is a load of old cunt. There are no plans for it to be carried via NTL either. Booo.

I would suggest that Arsenal fans contact NTL about this but as they are a useless pack of cunts I don’t think it’ll make the slightest bit of difference.

Some transfer speculation? Sure why not? It’s the transfer window, we might as well. The Sun links us with Ghanaian ‘wonderkid’ Andre Ayew, who is a striker, while Sky Sports has unconvered yet another ‘starlet’ in Spain. This time it’s Deportivo la Coruna B keeper Fabricio. Honestly, I’ve lost count of the amount of starlets Sky Sports has linked us with. We could have our very own starlet superstore and sell them in bulk if we’d bought even half of them.

Other transfer news might see Lassana Diarra sold to Portsmouth for £5.5m. It’s mentioned in the Sun article below and I was told by somebody else yesterday that this could be happening. It wasn’t the bloke from the Sun. You have to say that if Diarra is willing to swap Arsenal for Portsmouth that really does say a lot about him and his ambition. He’s obviously happier to be a relatively big fish in a relatively small pond and can’t handle the pressure or expectation at a big club. He didn’t make it at Chelsea and he’s thoroughly failed to make the grade at Arsenal. Away with him and that’s a nice £3.5m profit. It does raise some concerns over the midfield in the long term but long term = some time in the future which isn’t now so I’m not going to worry too much.

William Gallas says he’d like to be a manager one day. I’d like to be invisible one day. Not that the two are connected but I just thought I’d throw that out there.

And that’s all there is to it this morning. Don’t look at me. It’s not my fault there’s nothing doing. Anyway, use your imaginations and make up your own Arsenal stories. That’s what I do. So if you’ll excuse me I’m going back to imagining the one where Abou Diaby becomes an evil menace to society, like someone out of a Batman comic, after spending 2 years in an asylum from the trauma of kicking John Terry’s head clean off his neck in the Carling Cup final.

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