Injury during the warmup

I suspect that Blogger had a nice long post ready for today with all the tasty morcels of news for you, but since his ISP have decided that he shouldn’t have internet, I’ve just got a text message asking if I can stand in. Since I’m now in my new job which I’m taking (a bit) more seriously than the last, I’m afraid I’ll have to keep this brief, which won’t be a problem since being international week, there’s pretty much fuck all of anything to tell you anyway.

It’s an attention-grabbing-headline-fest today though.

Ahead of the derby at the weekend, Darren Bent has been opening his overpriced gob to say how much he can’t wait to “get at the Gunners” (according to the Daily Mail). I can’t wait for us to get to you either, cuntbag, hopefully with a machete but failing that, a zillion goals. And then a machete. Actually, to be fair to him, he was just saying that he was looking forward to playing again after he’d been out injured and the Daily Nazi sensationalised the headline. Which isn’t like them. I’m surprised they didn’t manage to get single mums or immigration in there somewhere.

It may or may not have been mentioned before, but Justin Hoyte “commits to Gunners”, saying:

That’s how football is. It just makes me more determined to work hard and get my place in the side. I am going to fight and work hard. I want to be at Arsenal all my life.

Yes the competition is tough but it is the same as last year with Emmanuel Eboue playing and Mathieu Flamini in there sometimes too. Competition is good for us and good for the team. Hopefully I can work hard in training and break into the team. I just want to play as much as I can.

Well good for him. Flamini has been doing really well at full back and I’m pretty comfortable with him there ahead of Hoyte, to be honest. Of course, real commitment from Hoyte would be to sign a deal keeping him with the club – literally – for life, maybe as Peter Hill-Wood’s personal bitch or something. I dunno about you, but that’s the sort of commitment I want from all our players. Except Song.

Cesc Fabregas has been talking about a ‘Cesc Boom’, which I can only assume means he’s a massive Tom Jones fan. Which is worrying. Someone needs to talk to him about that like they did about that mullet he had.

And finally, as noted by Blogger the other day and may well have already been commented on (really, I’m just trying to fill space now so I can get on with some work that I’m paid for), Danny Fiszman is not actually sitting with his finger over the big red (and possibly white) button that says “SELL ARSENAL SHARES”, as reported by The Times. Who knows, maybe they even got their story from here.

And that’s your lot. I’m told Blogger will return tomorrow.