Gallas for captain? No thanks.

A slightly shorter blog today than usual, mainly since there’s not alot about.

I’m going to ignore the obvious story about former players scoring for their new club on debut because it still smarts (I resolved my dilemma – much as I appreciate what the man did for us, I can’t quite get my head around seeing him in another team’s shirt just yet. It was always strange enough seeing him play for France).

Rather worryingly, Arsene Wenger seems to think that Gallas has the ‘ingredients’ to be our new captain. Now, unless he really is an avid reader of the blog and he does believe in the curse of the captaincy, I find that a very strange one. I know Gallas is a senior player in terms of experience, but a) he’s ex-Chelsea, b) he’s not been at the club that long, c) it practically ties him to a starting place which I’m still not sure about, and d) basically, he’s a bit of a cunt.

Though, since I said yesterday that I’d rather Gallas left than Phil, maybe AW isn’t a big fan of the blog.

For me, Gilberto is the obvious choice, closely followed by Kolo. Personally I’d prefer Kolo because he’s younger than Bert and is therefore likely to be around longer, plus that also fits in with the manager’s youth policy. To be fair to the manager, he does mention Gilberto and Kolo in his comments. I just hope he really means it and isn’t about to give it to Gallas who, frankly, doesn’t seem like captain material anyway. The way we play, I think we need a strong captain who’s willing to give people a bollocking when required (i.e. when there’s “Too much fannying about on the edge of the box”…). Maybe that is Gallas, but since I don’t respect him enough, I don’t see why the players would. But that’s just my opinion. I suppose Kolo doesn’t really strike me as the sort to give someone a bollocking either, but he’s our first choice centre back, he’s been around a while, he’s got huge heart and he always gives everything. In short, I think Kolo’s ace.

Enough of the Kolo fan club.

Gael Clichy has taken aim at Freddie’s parting shots with some of his own by saying the team has quality, is up for the challenge, is growing together and will achieve success:

This team has quality, is up for the challenge, is growing together, and will achieve success.

He almost said (you can read what he actually said here if you don’t believe me, but that’s pretty much the crux of it).

Anyway, that’s your lot. I’m off back to sleep for a while, then I’m going to drink myself to oblivion (it’s a special occasion, not just the average Friday) and then go out for an extremely expensive dinner and pay for it on my company credit card (I’m leaving my job anyway so it’s my leaving present from them, to me – James, if you’re reading this, haha, get it up you! Incidentally, if you ARE reading this, you should probably know I’ll be giving notice when I get back from holiday).

Tomorrow’s blog may be somewhat tardy/drunken/absent. Normal service will resume shortly.