Sunday, July 21, 2024

Henry – Kolo – Arsecast info

Apart from the fallout from the ref’s decision in Moscow on Tuesday there’s not much happening. Thierry has no chance of his yellow card being overturned, no surprise there, but I think Henry makes an interesting point when he says refs should be more like refs in rugby.

People talk about footballers behaving like rugby players and accepting decisions. You don’t want to have a go at them, but just to ask them what they saw at crucial times and yet you’re not allowed to do that in football.

The system is still very scholastic and while I’m sure it’s supposed to make the ref authoritative it can, in cases like this, make them look like ignorant cunts. Sadly I can’t see FIFA or UEFA making any changes in the near future. Anyway, it’s time to put it behind us and gety on with the next game.

Kolo Toure is certainly happy to do that and he reckons we need to be at our best against Reading, saying:

We will have to be on top of our game at Reading because they are doing well in the Premiership and it will be a really hard game. It will be harder that Stephen Hunt’s knee after he’d been out and soaked his knee in vinegar and then baked his knee in the oven so he has a super-mega-hard conker knee.

There’s no doubt Reading are going to be a tough prospect. They were very unlucky against Chelsea, could have beaten United and with a couple of ex-Arsenal lads on the team they’ll be especially fired up on Sunday which promises to be a good football day (United v Liverpool in the early afternoon, us v Reading afterwards then el derbi when Real Madrid play Barcelona).

Today I’ll be putting the final touches to the arsecast (and I have to thank the bloke at who has no objections to me using the name arsecast. I thought it might be a site where he took plaster casts of sexy lady’s bottoms but in fact he reviews video games and hates Man United. Cheers, Sir) – and it will be ready for download tomorrow morning. I’ll give you all the details then. Just to let you know though the email address has changed to arsecast at and keep that handy because you’ll need it to enter the competition during the show.

Also tomorrow morning I’ll be putting the RNG into action to choose the 5 lucky winners of the Football Manager 2007 competition so stay tuned for that.

Finally, I would just like to disassociate from any of the crazy anti-Arsenal crap you might see if you still read blogfc from time to time. It’s nothing to do with me any more!

Right, that’s it. Have a good Thursday.

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