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Arseblog: Wednesday 28th April 2004

april 28th

Let’s move away from Arsenal for a little bit, and talk about one of things that has plagued the game of football for a number of years now. A dirty, nasty boil on the face of our beloved sport that doesn’t appear to be going away. That’s right, it’s Sepp Blatter, whose latest idea is to abolish the draw from the game of football, so that there’s a winner in every game.

Now, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how ridiculous a concept is, but even for a cunt like Blatter it’s taking things a bit too far. The man himself says “Every game should have a winner. A game is about emotions. There is passion. It can be dramatic. At the end of it it’s almost always a tragedy. We can’t be satisfied with draws.”

Which just shows how far removed he is from what football is about. Draws can be just as emotional as any win. An example, if I may. This season Arsenal played Leicester and were leading 1-0 right up until the final moments. Then Craig Hignett popped up with a late equaliser for the soon to be relegated Foxes and we ended up just taking a single point from the game. Sickening for us, but emotional. Leicester’s fans were ecstatic though, as you’d imagine. I can’t actually remember the last time we got a late, late equaliser, but as sickening as Leicester’s was, and Liverpool’s was in the previous season, scoring a late goal to secure a point is almost as joyous as winning the game. The relief, the lifting of the panic, the way you celebrate those goals is as much a part of football as winning or losing.

Suggesting that draws should be abolished from the game of football is like saying we should get rid of the letter ‘E’ from the alphabet. Pointless, nonsensical and unquestionably could only come from the mind of a total cuntbubble. Is there nobody willing to stand up and tell Blatter what a cock he is? Are the rest of the FIFA bigwigs such sheep that they let their association be embarrassed time and time again by his lunatic ideas and rantings. World Cup every two years? Fuck off. Complain about players playing too many games then organise money spinning summer tournaments for a worthless tin pot trophy which has already cost one player his life? Fuck off. Make the already grey area that is the offside rule even more pointlessly confusing? Fuck the fuck off.

This has got to be the icing on the cake though. He does not have the best interests of the game at heart, and it’s patently obvious he’s trying to make the game more marketable so he can sell the rights of his flagship tournament for more and more money to the TV networks. How long before we hear him talking about the game being broken into 4 quarters so more advertising can be sold, so more money can be made?


I know lots of intelligent people who love football, who love talking about football, whose opinions and ideas would be of far more use to the game than anything this clown has come out with. I both mock him and pour scorn on him, and if I could pour boiling oil instead of regular old scorn, I would. Sadly his mandate as FIFA President runs until 2007, unless football can find its own Lee Harvey Oswald.

Oh, and we’ve signed Robin van Persil, who will ensure our whites are whiter than white.

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