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Arseblog: Thursday 22nd April 2004

april 22nd

As yesterday there’s little or no Arsenal news this morning.

The biggest football story around is the resignation of Ron Atkinson from ITV’s football coverage team. He fell on his sword after viewers in the Middle-East heard him call Chelsea’s Marcel Desailly a “lazy fucking n****r” after his microphone had been left on after the match had ended. Despite spending hours on a sunbed to make his skin darker, and sporting a clutch of bling-bling jewellery, Big Ronny Ron Ron was unable to convince anyone he was just ‘dissing one of the brothers’. The stupid white cunt.

Yesterday saw Real Madrid’s president, Florentino Perez, kick-start his summer transfer dealings by categorically ruling out a move for his top target. Like he did with Ronaldo, and Beckham this time last year, he said that Real Madrid were not at all interested in Thierry Henry. Do we believe him? My arse. Of course he wants Henry. Madrid want him, Milan want him, Barcelona want him, Juventus want him, Man United want him, Scunthorpe United want him…you get the picture. Perez is fooling nobody, least of all Arsene Wenger who knows exactly the dirty tricks Madrid pull to get their man. Except he’s not their man, he’s our man, he loves Arsenal and he’s not going anywhere. And if I could offer one piece of advice to the Madrid President as he anxiously seeks re-election it would be to spend some money on your defence and shut the fuck up about Thierry Henry. You stinking shitepipe.

Ahead of Sunday’s game at White Hart Lane, Spurs fans formed a mass protest to show how much they all care about the way their club is being run. This exclusive picture shows just how badly the Spurs fans feel and how much they all care.

Not much else going on at this stage. It looks like it’s going to piss down here this morning, which as I have to go to teach a class in about an hour, is fucking typical.

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