Arseblog: Friday 23rd January 2004

january 23rd

08.38 – It’s yet another Friday morning. Quite predictable really, considering.

Almost as predictable as the story that there’s 20% chance of signing somebody now, according to Arsene Wenger. Last week there was no chance at all you’ll remember. But with Wiltord’s injury worse than previously thought (is he really injured or being used as part of a deal?), Jeremie Aliadiere out for a few weeks still, Kanu in Africa, Bergkamp hobbling his way back and Henry about to sign for Madrid any second, it seems a striker could be coming to the club. I have a feeling we’ll make a signing and I think the player will join from Spain.

Lauren’s going back to play for Cameroon, according to Winifred Shotglass, the Cameroon coach. I wonder does this have anything to do with the fact that his automatic first choice position in the team seems to be gone now? Gilberto reckons Arsenal can win the lot this season.  Demento says Arsenal are still the main rivals to Man United.  I’d so laugh if he lost his court case with Magnier and McManus (who is an Arsenal fan, you know), then got fucked over by the two of them and fired out the door, to be replaced by Peter Reid. My god, I really would laugh. Even without the Peter Reid bit. But especially with the Peter Reid bit.

Fridays are good. I think I’m going to get very, very drunk tonight.


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