Arseblog: Monday 28th July 2003

july 28th

07.33 – A typical Monday morning in close season. Not a lot happening early in the day.

New keeper Jens Lehmann was due to meet up with his new team mates in Austria last night. And in a strange twist of fate, former Arsenal keeper (who never actually played a game for us) Guillaume Warmuz joined Dortmund yesterday.

Sol Campbell says Arsenal will use the pain of losing the title last season to motivate themselves to win the league again this season. “It took a long time to get over it. It was hard to watch games from the stand and see things going wrong, so it took a lot out of me. “It’s now time to move on and I’m hungry, very hungry.”

Strangely, he’s referred to as Arsenal’s captain in that article.

Good news for our first game of the season is that Wayne Rooney is unlikely to play any part after suffering ankle ligament damage. Considering he managed to score against us during both games last season, it is excellent news. The sigh of relief from a bald, French, crap defender was heard up to 500 miles away.

The News of the World insists the Fashanu story in genuine, calling Fashanu’s denials ‘ridiculous’. I don’t know about you, there’s just something off about Fashanu. He seems to have successfully overcome the fact that he was a total thug on the pitch and is now some kind of football ambassador for a country he seems to have just adopted for his own needs. If the story is true, I hope he goes down hard.

That’s about the size of it for this morning. Expect the usual Monday morning ‘Arsenal considering Milton Keynes groundshare with Tottenham’ stories to appear later on.


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