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Arseblog: Monday 23rd December 2002

december 23rd

09.55 – Does Steven Gerrard think we’re all fucking idiots?

“Although I did go in with my studs showing I have tried to pull out at the last minute – I can honestly say that”. Fuck the fuck off, you nasty little fucker. He never came close to getting the ball, you could see him look up and quite deliberately go in with two feet on the Everton player, and not for one second did he try to pull out of the tackle. If anything, he made sure he got the player. Look at it. It was a cowardly, nasty, deliberate and quite horrible attempt to injure a fellow player.

Gerrard ought to get a serious ban and a fine from the FA. Liverpool manager Gerard Houllier said “The linesman was only two yards away and didn’t see anything. I certainly did not see anything reprehensible.” Quite unbelievable really. Nearly as unbelievable as Gerrard escaping without even a booking from one of the most card happy referees in the game. I wonder as well if the FA will do anything about Milan Baros’ Lee Bowyer impression, when he raked his studs down an opponents face. Nice to see Liverpool showing their true class at the moment. 2 points from 21 and behaving like a bunch of scumbags.

Speaking of the referees, did anyone see their Christmas carol on Sky Sports? Oh my god. What a bunch of cunts. We don’t care about you, we’d rather not see you at all, singing about ‘our great leader Philip Don’, and wearing santa hats to make you all look like even bigger cunts than you already are. I wonder will the ‘great leader’ Philip Don do anything about Graham Poll failing to send off Steven Gerrard for that ‘tackle’ yesterday? Will he bollocks. This whole celebrity referee thing is sad, shameful and almost beyond words in its cuntosity. The cuntish cunts.

Nice to see Liverpool websites upset about us signing Philippe Senderos. Apparently Houllier though the Swiss lad was going to join them, but surely even the most ardent Houllierite must now recognise that the bloke is just a bit mental. And most probably some kind of a cunt too.

Good stuff from Sol Campbell here. He’s not a cunt.

Right, I think that’s enough for today. Haven’t had a sweary rant like that in ages. Tomorrow will be full of Christmas cheer, I promise. Unless some other cunts do some cunty stuff in the meantime.

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