Arseblog: Sunday 8th September 2002

september 8th

10.25 – Not only did he cause the most protracted transfer saga in living memory, not only did he go and play for the Scousers, now Nicolas Anelka is set to provide his latest snub to Arsenal by marrying a Sheringham girl. Relax though, that was just my tabloid impression. Nic is set to marry a girl who comes from Sheringham, Norfolk and not a relation of the world’s number 1 cunt, Teddy.

Meanwhile, Kanu has threatened to quit Arsenal if he’s not playing regularly by Christmas. He’s quite the enigma really, his talent is unquestionable, but sometimes his application seems sorely lacking. Maybe it’s just his laid back style, but he’s never been able to recapture the form he showed when he first arrived. A case of a player in the comfort zone, or a player who’s been sussed out by opposition defenders? In fairness, he’s been involved in some good moments so far this season, and we don’t really have anyone else to play the withdrawn striker role away from home in Europe – but then our away form in Europe is so shite, it might be a good idea to try something new.

Sylvain Wiltord continued his good form scoring France’s winner against Cyprus, while Man City’s chairman reveals he’s trying to emulate the success of Arsenal by copying Arsene Wenger’s methods.

Lastly, I watched ‘Mulholland Drive‘ last night. My brain still hurts.


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