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Arseblog: Monday 30th September 2002

september 30th

10.11 – Phew, Dennis Bergkamp says he may not retire and that he will make a decision at the end of the season. He says he has a number of options open to him, including staying at Arsenal. If Arsene Wenger can prolong the careers of Lee Dixon, Tony Adams, Martin Keown and the departed Nigel Winterburn well into their late 30s, I don’t see any reason why Dennis can’t be part of this Arsenal team for a few seasons yet. Not quite sure what The Times are trying to do here, I guess it’s some feeble attempt at comedy. F – must try harder.

However, they get a better mark for this article about Tony Adams and his new life as a crusty old student. I know we all laughed at Gary Neville’s ridiculous claims the other day, but now it seems Sporting Life is out to make fun of the Man Utd football knowledge base with an article titled ‘Arsenal rammed Gary Neville’s words back down his throat at Leeds’. (Insert your own joke using the words ‘rammed’ and ‘throat’ here).

Olivier Dacourt reckons Arsenal are better than Real Madrid at the moment. It would surely be an interesting match – but I guess we’ll have to wait until next May to beat them at Old Trafford to win the Champions League. Players Union Chief Gordon Taylor has backed Thierry Henry after he claimed he would walk off the pitch if he was subjected to more racial abuse. While I applaud the fact that the union would support a player who takes such drastic action, surely they’d be better off convincing a player that the best way to deal with this sort of thing is on the pitch. Imagine Arsenal playing Lazio now – those lovely Lazio fans who even abused their own black players would have a field day.

Finally, according to this reliable source from the Arsenal World Message Board, Man Utd have banned the Mirror from the press box at Old Trafford for saying Diego Forlan had the finishing skills of Norman Wisdom. As a big fan of Norman Wisdom, “Sir” Alex was just disgusted…..


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