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Arseblog: Monday 16th September 2002

september 16th

16.25 – I logged on to as I occasionally do, and saw this headline – FOLLOW THE GUNNERS ACROSS EUROPE ON RADIO ARSENAL – Radio Arsenal is proving to be a huge hit with Arsenal fans.

They boast about how 200 listeners subscribed to Arsenal Plus and were ‘rewarded’ with live commentary of the Charlton match. They fail to mention that this service has been free for years and now all of sudden we’re expected to pay for it and be impressed when the 200 suckers who didn’t just go to the Charlton website and listen for free subscribed.

Since the redesign of the site this season, Radio Arsenal has been unavailable to anyone not using a Windows PC. So Mac users like myself couldn’t subscribe even if we wanted to. All they need to do is give us a URL to copy and paste into Media Player. Despite my emails asking them why they won’t do this, I have yet to receive a satisfactory explanation.

Also, much of the Arsenal TV content is only available to Windows users. Surely if Arsenal want to make as much money as possible from (and by charging for radio commentary it seems fairly obvious that they do), they should make their service available to as many users on as many platforms as possible, and perhaps they should employ a web designer that knows something about the 10%+ of all web users who use Macs.


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