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Arseblog: Friday 19th July 2002

july 19th

22.02 – Despite this, I was emailed again by the same person offering me the same deal. ‘How odd,’ I thought, then I saw this. It seems I wasn’t special and everyone is getting Nigerian emails….oh well.

Did you ever see two people walk down the street arm in arm, obviously very much in love, and think to yourself ‘I really hope those people don’t breed’, because they are the two ugliest people you’ve ever seen? If you want an idea of how ugly they were, she had a mullet and a face like this, while he was some kind of a hunchback who looked like Jeff Goldblum with his face inside out. Shudder.

For some reason Apple have pulled this ad “Ellen Feiss” (3.5mb download) from their website. I can’t understand why….now, where did I leave my skins?

Oh, and my Mac is running slower than Ben Johnson without steroids – can anyone recommend some decent software to try and clean it up a bit? Something like Norton Utilities…..ta….


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