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Arseblog: Tuesday 23rd April 2002

April 23rd

23.15 – Just watched Barcelona get beaten 2-0 in the Champion’s League semi-final. Overmars had one of those games he used to have for Arsenal i.e – he’d do loads of stuff to make you think he was having a good game, but when you think back on it afterwards, he didn’t do much but run fast and lose the ball a lot.

In Barcelona, this result will go down like a cheap whore in Hugh Grant’s car. Today is Dia Sant Jordi, the patron saint of Catalunya, and the whole city has been buzzing building up to the game tonight. Ah well, just as well I’m not a Barca fan or I’d be rightly pissed off now.

Arsene Wenger says he feels guilty for not voting in the French elections. He’s got enough problems with right wingers at work without having them when he goes back home too. Anyway, if we have any regular French readers, here’s my suggestion. Start a campaign to have Didier Six elected as President of France. France doesn’t need the right-wing fascist leanings of Le Pen, nor does it need the sleazy lies of Chirac.

France needs the curly haired dribbling skills of Didier Six. Didier Six can lead France into the future with style, with grace, with balance, and a powerful shot. Come on Frenchies, you know it’s true. Tell your friends, your family, your many mistresses, DIDIER SIX FOR PRESIDENT.

Today’s edition of A R S E B L O G has been funded…er….brought to you free of charge and with no strings attached by the letter D and the number 6.

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