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Arseblog: Saturday 27th April 2002

April 27th

09.45 – Eagle eyed readers will have noticed that I missed yesterday’s update. Let me explain.

“Let’s go for a beer after work”

“Yes, let’s. We shall sup a few ales and then get home to care for our families”

“That sounds like fun”

(5 hours later)

“…..and I’ll tell you shumthing elsh……………*hic*……….that bloke is a c*nt. I hate him. He makesh me shick……”

So there you go. The novelty of finding a half decent pint of Guinness in Barcelona was too much for me.

Arsenal stuff. We’re rolling along waiting for Monday’s game against Bolton, and hoping that Ipwich and Sp*rs can get something from their games against United and Liverpool today. Arsene Wenger says that Fergie’s mind games wont’ affect the team, they’re just concentrating on the next game.

Robert Pires’ operation has gone well and he can now start his recuperation. Danny Baker tries to be funny in his Times article today. He fails. He’s not funny, but he is a big, fat, pie eating muppet. I’d just like to take this opportunity to wish Milwall the very worst of luck for their playoff games.

Wild rumour time. I got an email to say that Tony Adams’ testimonial will be against Celtic and that Thierry Henry will play up front with….Ian Wright. Now, that would be something to see. Thanks to “AA” for that.

The sun is shining, so I’m off to the beach. Talk to you all later.

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