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Arseblog: Wednesday 13th March 2002

march 13th

20.22 – Edu fans – there’s a good article about him in the Arsenal vs Deportivo programme – online here at

Gonna watch Barcelona play Liverpool now. Of course, there are 4000 Liverpool fans in Barcelona, along with a load of hippies, vegetarians and “anarchists” who are here for an anti-globalisation demo. Should be hot in the city tonight. And how do 4000 unemployed scousers manage to get the money to pay for plane tickets to Barcelona? Car boot sales I suppose. Car boots across Liverpool full of hubcaps. They probably all ended up buying their own hubcaps back. I am joking. Salt of the earth them Liverpudlians. My best friend’s dog is from Liverpool. Love him I do. The dog I mean.

I might send ITV an email to find out if Peter Brackley has legs, It’s beginning to bug me now. I shall report back with any findings, don’t worry.

00.20 -There are all sorts of combinations of results that will send Arsenal through to the 1/4 finals. Juventus are now out, having lost to Bayer Leverkeusen, and it all boils down to this. If Leverkeusen beat Deportivo next week they go through. If they draw or lose, no matter what the result of the Juventus v Arsenal game, Arsenal go through. Unless Arsenal lose to Juventus and Bayer draw with Deportivo, then Leverkeusen go through. Or if Arsenal win 6-1, and Deportivo and Bayer draw 3-3 and Deportivo have one man sent off, Leverkeusen go through if they get less than 3 yellow cards and none of their players swears at the ref. Confusing eh?

Expect the Leverkeusen board to send gifts of fine German wine *ahem* and efficient automobiles to La Coruña during the week. We’re watching you, you sneaky Germanians.

Meanwhile, it’s being reported that Robert Pires was involved in a tunnel incident after the game against Newcastle. More details here.

No doubt the FA will find something to charge him with.

“The FA announce that Robert Pires will serve a 3 match ban for shrugging in an overly French manner while sporting hair in a carefree fashion. There is no right to appeal as the referee didn’t see anything. Nor for that matter did Arsene Wenger, but that’s another story. Carry on, what, what.”

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