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Arseblog: Thursday 7th March 2002

march 7th

16.05 – Arsenal have decided not to appeal against Thierry Henry’s ban. That’s according to

Patrick Vieira has a hearing next week in relation to his elbowing of Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink before Christmas. Of course, because the referee booked Graeme Le Saux for a knee-first assault on Vieira nothing more can be done about it.

Paddy was stupid to use his elbow like that, but you have to laugh at Hasselbaink, going down as if he’d been hit with a cannonball….the big girl.

Did you see Ian Harte running over to Brian Kidd after he scored against Ipswich last night? He scampered across the field at his top speed of 3mph, with a giddy grin, looking like some kind of ‘special school’ pupil greeting a parent at home time. A fantastic display – one of the comedy moments of the season. I’ve tried to find a picture of it, but no joy yet. If anyone has it, please email me.

11.21 – What a dodgy penalty United got last night. If it had been in a nothing match against Spurs it would have been hilarious. Still though, with or without the penalty United would have beaten them last night. RVN has been a fantastic signing for them. I remember us being linked with him long before he was ever linked with United, what a shame we never made a bid for him. Thierry Henry and RVN up front would have been unstoppable. Definitely one of the candidates for Player of the Year as well. 32 goals so far is a brilliant record in his first season, with Henry’s ban he’s favourite to be top scorer in the Premiership now. Though, TH has a couple of hat tricks left in him I’m sure.

If you’re reading this in work with nothing better to do (obviously you have nothing better to do if you’re reading this!) – have a go at this. Curiously addictive.

00.36 – Nice of Tottenham to roll over as usual again last night. Still, I suppose it’s unique in that both sets of fans are going home happy, even though one lot has seen their team get beaten 4 – 0. AW was not happy with the outcome of today’s hearing, and is still deciding whether or not to appeal. The official club statement is here. Personally, I think we should accept it – that’s not to say I agree with it – and just get on with winning as many games as we can between now and the end of the season. With Paddy’s hearing next week and this still brewing, it could cause a distraction we don’t need. The players need to stay focussed. I sound like that bloke from the lucozade ads. The Arsenal players need to reach PERSONAL GOAL HEAVEN. Amen to that.

Added+ – Edu wallpaper. You can find it in the ‘OTHER’ section above you. Quite an enigma is our Brazilian – he’s had more drama in his life in the last 18 months than the most badly written soap character. Passport problems, being held up and robbed at gunpoint in his own home, his sister being killed in a car crash, a couple of bad injuries and an own goal in his home debut. The boy must feel like some kind of Jonah. I just think there’s a story in him somewhere, he hasn’t gone through all that for nothing. The Gods have to repay him. What price Edu for the winner at Old Trafford?

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