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Arseblog: Saturday 16th March 2002

march 16th

14.58 – Just spent 90 of the most boring minutes of my life watching Middlesboro v Liverpool. Without doubt two of the most dour, boring teams in the league. Liverpool won 2-1 and now go top of the league. They’re a pain in the arse to watch though. Even last Wednesday, Liverpool v Barcelona, two of the biggest teams in Europe, and it was like watching someone pull the hairs out of your arse – painful and slow.

Former Arsenal fave Paul Merson has a right moan about Aston Villa, footballers wages and life in general here.

I have tried emailing ITV for the 3rd time to try and get some sort of an answer about Peter Brackley. So far, they have totally ignored me.

Stupid ITV – imagine that they poached the TV rights from the BBC and then went on to make a show like The Premiership. The people in charge must have sat down and had power lunches, and brainstorming sessions to come up with a show they thought people would like, and then they gave us that abomination on a Saturday night.

More ads than football – Lynam couldn’t give a rats arse anymore, Venables is a shit talking fool, McCoist is a philandering, overly smiley gobshite, the only reason Andy Townsend should be on TV is as a demonstration of what not to do, Robbie Earle is as camp as John Inman and the whole thing stinks like an incontinent old man.

I don’t understand why they can’t make the show longer, enabling them to show more football from more teams. Cut out the stupid crap like ‘Ally’s goal of the week’. Do you think Ally’s goal one week was to shag Patsy Kensit?

Anyway, due to circumstances beyond my control, I can no longer receive ITV and I’d rather watch endless repeats of Mr Ben than watch The Premiership anyway.

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