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Arseblog: Monday 11th March 2002

march 11th

19.52 – Another email regarding Peter Brackley. See March 9th for background.

“Dear Arseblog….blah blah blah ….I can assure you that Peter Brackley does have legs….seen him in the flesh….blah blah blah…..used to work with his son…..blah blah blah”

The mystery remains though.

WHY is it that you can find a pictures on the internet of people doing unspeakable things to themselves, others and animals, but it is not possible to find any kind of picture of Peter Brackley standing up, walking, kicking dogs or doing anything that involves his legs?

WHY does he always sound like he’s commentating from home? Especially when he does the Italian football. Is the reason he sounds like that is because his lack of legs restricts his ability to travel to games?

WHY would they hide the truth? There’s nothing wrong with having no legs, pretending to have legs is another more shameful thing altogether.

If you know anything about Peter Brackley’s legs or lack of legs, or if you know anything about his alleged custom built home broadcast studio, or his alleged party piece of doing that wheely baddie from Dr Who, email me.

13.20 – Got an email today asking me if I could put some spunky wallpaper on my site. I thought this would be an opportunity to make lots of laddish, sperm related jokes, but thought better of it in the end. I don’t jism to tempatation that easily.

Added+ – David Seaman wallpaper – click in the ‘OTHER’ section to find it.

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