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Arseblog: Friday 1st March 2002

March 1st 2002

19.30 – Apparently, this is the squad for tomorrow’s game against Newcastle – Seaman, Dixon, Campbell, Stepanovs, Lauren, Wiltord, Pennant, Vieira, Grimandi, Pires, Henry, Bergkamp, Wright, Edu, Kanu, Volz.

Lauren is likely to be fit and should play left back I would imagine Henry and Bergkamp will start up front.

Added+ – Tony Adams wallpaper and Kanu wallpaper. You can check them out in the ‘OTHER’ section. Was going to do a ‘Flavour of the month – Igors Stepanovs’ wallpaper, but I figured I’d jinx the fella and he’d have an absolute ‘mare if he played tomorrow. So, for now, this place will remain a Stepanovs wallpaper free zone. If we win something this year, I’ll sort it out. As if Igors didn’t need any more motivation, now he could add an A R S E B L O G wallpaper to his medals. I hope he’ll be able to cope with it all.

Plant watch – My Kylie calender fell on one of the plants today. Luckily it survived – perhaps I’ll have a plant touched by the ass of Kylie. Can’t wait to smoke that one.

10.05 – It’s Friday today. Today’s the day when you think about the match. What team is AW going to pick? Who’s going to play left back? Will any of our injured players recover in time? So many questions. Here’s another question – do you think those blokes from the KLF who burned a million pounds in cash a few years back in the name of art are regretting it now?

Maybe they’re sitting at home with only enough money to buy a tin of beans and a loaf of bread thinking ‘Why the fuck did I do that?’. It surely has to be one of the most stupid things I’ve ever seen. If you want to make art – buy some paint and go all Jackson Pollock on a canvas. If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about – look here.

I found a website that has Arsenal goals to download – handy if you’re abroad like me and you have to rely on dodgy satellite tv. Get the goals here.

I’m out for the day now. More later.

09.30 – Welcome to a new month. What you see below you is a sneak preview of Arsenal’s new home shirt for the 2002-3 season. Someone sent it to me in an email. I’m sure countless man hours have gone into the design, it’s probably made from space age fibres that enable players to run faster and not sweat so much and hundreds of sweat shop kids in Nike factories in Korea will spend 18 hours a day making these shirts for €1 a week so they can be sold for €60 a pop. And who are this crowd ‘Sponsor’? Never heard of them.

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